Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gay-themed library?

(Doing a Google image search for "gay-themed library," I got a picture of Naked Books Singing. Woot!)
In decades past, when gay residents wanted to find books about their community they had to borrow from friends or from a closet where some were stored at a gay-friendly church.

But the gay-themed library in Broward is now out of the closet.

On Thursday, the Stonewall Library and Archives, a collection of gay-themed material that was the subject of political controversy two years ago, celebrated its grand opening in Fort Lauderdale.

The new location is a sign of how mainstream the gay community has become in Broward: the gay library shares a building with a county library and ArtServe and is situated on the edge of a city park where children play ball and seniors gather for tennis lessons.

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Shazzer said...

Finally, something that has happened in Florida that is in support of free speech and civil liberties!!!