Friday, July 31, 2009

Super Beau: Hugh Dancy!

Hugh Dancy!

Beau: Fernando Verdasco

Hola Sans Shirt

Joe DiMaggio Nekkid!?!

Naked Yankee on display at the gallery Modernism in San Francisco

Super Beau: Teo and da Blond Supertwink

OK. OK. MrSanzo and Teo share first place!

Beau: Cutest Boy in the World

There's more - Thanks, Dudetube and MrSanzo!

Ginger Beau

Boy Beau

Models Eating McDonald's

To Be Read in 500 Years

A buxom woman with pale green sky and flashing eyes hailed him from the open front of her establishment, where girls of different hues and at least three different shapes preened themselves.

"The ninety-nine joys dwell here, oh Earthmen! Enter!"

Dilullo shook his head. "Not I, mother. I crave the hundredth joy."

"And what is the hundredth joy?"

"The joy of sitting down quietly and reading a good book."
~Edmond Hamilton, Starwolf

…so that human achievements may not be forgotten in time
~Herodotus (tr. Aubrey De Sélincourt)

Beau: Fais Moi L'Amour

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Thank God It's Friday Beau

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ginger Beaux

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Vagina Lit

New Gay Book

From the back:
The first anthology to survey the full range of gay men's autobiographical writing from Walt Whitman to the present, Gay American Autobiography draws excerpts from letters, journals, oral histories, memoirs, and autobiographies to provide examples of the best life writing from the last century and a half.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Restoring the Lyric Theater

The Lyric Theater in 1949.

Sometimes a dream deferred can come true.

Books on the New Cart

Political Op-Ed

Found this rather interesting:

Submissive Bottoms Have No Place in Gay Politics

Beau: Had to Have More

I'm in lust. :)

Beau: Jake

There's way more with Jake, the little brunette, being so fucking's not even funny.

Happy Hump Day

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Here's the same dude, but from the front

Woot and Not Woot

Kentucky Republican (and Crazy) Senator Jim Bunning Won't Seek a Third Term

Pro: I think that speaks for itself.

Con: Bunning would be very beatable, while Trey Greyson could give KY Dems (especially if Mongiardo (idiot) is put up as the candidate) a run for their money.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Beau: Ambrose Olsen

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Beau: CuteAdidasBoy

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Lifelube has an interesting bit on a barebacking tax that a Republican idiot is trying to add to the health reform. My comment: straights bareback too! It's called "procreation" so they won't be held to the same standard as gays; thus this is just another attempt to derail and stigmatize.

Finished: Pearl Abraham's Giving Up America

And God said to Avram, Go to yourself, from your land, from the country of your birth, and from the house of your father, to a land that I will show you.
~Genesis 12:1

What then is the American, this new man?

Stacks of dishes, bowls, and platters, all crusty with the dried juices of turkey, sweet potato, and apple pie, were piled on the counters and in the sink. There were also leftovers. Daniel carved the rest of the turkey to put away. They'd have turkey sandwiches for days. Deena rinsed the plates and stacked them in the dishwasher. Better to wake up late the next morning to a clean kitchen than to fall into bed now, which is what she wanted to do.

Everything went beautifully, Daniel said. And the turkey was great. If I had room, I'd eat more right now.

Deena felt good. She hadn't overeaten. She'd been too busy hosting, and the food would be around the next day and the next.

Finally the table and counters were clear; the twenty-cubic-foot refrigerator was full. They switched off lights and went up the stairs to bed. It was two o'clock. It was time to sleep. Denna heard the dishwasher shift into the next cycle. Daniel was saying something, but she was falling asleep. She responded just barely, she said mmmmm and yes, and turned over and sank deep into the mattress, into the bed. Still he talked, he was wide awake, and though she felt him beside her, she heard him only from a distance. She was feeling and not hearing. She felt the center of the house and the rooms all around. Her limbs stretched down the stairs toward the windows and walls, the ends of the house. Unlike in their old apartment, she had to grow to fill this space. (95)

She pulled and pushed the clumsy mattress, a heavy, unwilling lump, scraped her hand on the frame of the door, cursed, and he continued lying there. She heaved and shoved and finally kicked the mattress into place and then stood in a rage, not ready to surrender herself to the hateful mattress. She pulled and tucked in the sheet and blanket. She would make this her room. After seven long years, she'd once again have her own room. (178)

Seven years later she was visiting again, and again without Daniel. But she was dallying. Her life had been one long dally. Seven years of Daniel. Several weeks with Sergei. Hours with Peter. What would come next: minutes with another stranger? There wasn't just one man for her. There were a multitude of men, each different, each with something new to teach her. Relations for the short term, meant not to last.

For every soul that's born, another one is provided, her father said. Eve was made for Adam; Adam for Ever. There is someone in this world meant for you. But finding him is not an easy task. You must pray. (296)