Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Books

This looks like a bitchfest of a novel! :)

Check out his blog.

Big ol' gay book of the day.

Though I love this cover, I'd probably hate the book...or feel like I'm drowning in Hershey chocolate.

Kentucky author...which means she slept here once or possibly spent a summer in her childhood here.

Vagina Lit

Beau: Michael

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Books on the New Cart

I assume that with children on the cover of a book called The Promised World, that this book has something to do with the promise that most adults make to children - that the world will be theirs, though adults leave out the parts about working, getting old and the daily grind that makes one a dried up soul of a person.

Good Morning, Beau

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Book

Yes. "Book" as in singular.

New York Times Review

Beau: Jasper

Can Lauren Bacall be my grandmother too?

Art Beau: The Wrestlers

Are your sure they're "Wrestling"?

Queer Fox

No, I'm not talking about the horrible channel that on one hand gives you everything in conservative stupidity and on the other gives you some of the most inappropriately funny cartoons on Sunday night...I'm talking about Fox Bunny Funny, in which a young male fox deals with his desire to become a bunny.

He has a bunny outfit. He can't stand the site of slaughtered bunny. He won't play the kill bunny video games. And his mother finds him *gasp* in his bunny outfit hopping in front of a mirror. He's then sent to a camp to learn to love the killing of bunnies.

Look at that sensitive eye and those short shorts. If this isn't a "young person dealing with being gay" story, then I don't know what is.

Friday Beau: The Jarics

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Hump Day


Dueling in Office

FRANKFORT — State Rep. Darryl Owens, D-Louisville, prefiled a bill Tuesday that would delete a ban on dueling in the state oath of office.

Owens said the dueling language in the state oath takes away the dignity of public swearing-in ceremonies for new state officeholders.

The oath in the state Constitution says, "...I, being a citizen of this state, have not fought a duel with deadly weapons within this State nor out of it, nor have I sent or accepted a challenge to fight a duel with deadly weapons, nor have I acted as second in carrying a challenge, nor aided or assisted any person thus offending, so help me God."

When this part of the oath is read publicly, Owens said, the audience usually breaks into laughter, marring the solemn occasion.

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So how long before President of the Kentucky Senate David L. Williams gets his ass whooped?

And: David Williams is gay? Highly unlikely but entertaining to read anyway.

Art: Robert Longo

Pressure by Robert Longo

Robert Longo's Work and Website

The passing of a lion

Ted Kennedy dies at 77
I will always remember Teddy as the ultimate example for all of us who seek to serve, a hero for those Americans in the shadow of life who so desperately needed one. ~Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.)

Senator Kennedy was unmatched in his compassion and in his willingness to stand with those who often lacked a champion. ~Rea Carey, Executive Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ear Worm: Don't Trust Me

I've been getting this stuck in my head.

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Writing as Activism

My friend and ex-boss, Eric Sutherland.

Eric Sutherland, the founder of the Holler Poets spoken-word series, will speak on Saturday at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning about how people can become activists through their writing.

Activists are frequently among the readers during the series, which began last year. During the session, Sutherland will revisit works by such writers and will lead participants in creating their own activist art. Sutherland took time last week to answer some questions about what he'll discuss.

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What is it?

The Pen as Sword: Writing as Activism

Presented by Eric Sutherland

When: 11 a.m. Saturday.

Where: Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning.

Cost: $25.

Info: 254-4175.

Monday Beau

Have you checked out Dudetube yet today?

Beau: Ian

Ian gets wet at Adam Cruise

How Much Is That Homo in the Window?

Go to the new High Line Park and stay for the show!

Beau on the Beach

There's more at Kenneth in the 212

And more from boy culture

Camera Phone

After breaking and then losing my old phone, I found another older phone that actually has a camera on it. And I plan on using it more once I get the lense clean. As you can see, the camera adds that glowing, cloudy shimmer to everything like in old movies when the couple is face to face and being all lovey-dovey - but with less shimmer and more cloud.

Monday Books

Friday, August 21, 2009

Book Beau

I'd give him instant gratification anytime!

Healthcare and Trust

Paul Krugman:
...there’s a point at which realism shades over into weakness, and progressives increasingly feel that the administration is on the wrong side of that line. It seems as if there is nothing Republicans can do that will draw an administration rebuke: Senator Charles E. Grassley feeds the death panel smear, warning that reform will “pull the plug on grandma,” and two days later the White House declares that it’s still committed to working with him.

It’s hard to avoid the sense that Mr. Obama has wasted months trying to appease people who can’t be appeased, and who take every concession as a sign that he can be rolled.

Indeed, no sooner were there reports that the administration might accept co-ops as an alternative to the public option than G.O.P. leaders announced that co-ops, too, were unacceptable.

There's more at The New York Times

LifeLube on Sexual Liberation

Sexual liberation does not mean we don’t care, don’t think and don’t take responsibility. Sexual liberation is the opposite, it is that we as gay men do care about the sex we have, we own the choices we make, we take responsibility for being honest about our choices and respecting those of others in our community.

A new sexual liberation manifesto for gay men, which I hope to work on with others this year, will be one of acknowledgment, love and celebration. Sexual liberation embraces these different spaces and paths in the world, it creates a community that says glow your own way, for your light is beautiful, your light deserves to shine unhindered in our gay world.

There's more at LifeLube

Friday Books