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Movie to See: Easier With Practice

Brothers on a roadtrip, phone sex in the motel

Book Blurb

From the inside cover flap:
Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor Southern tobacco farmer who worked the same land as her slave ancestors, yet her cells - taken without her knowledge - became one of the most important tools in medicine. The first "immortal" human cells grown in culture, they are still alive today, though she has been dead for more than sixty years... HeLa cells were vital for developing the polio vaccine; uncovered secrets of cancer, viruses, and the atom bomb's effects; helped lead to important advances like in vitro fertilization, cloning, and gene mapping; and have been bought and sold by the billions.

Yet Henrietta Lacks remains virtually unknown, buried in an unmarked grave.

Kentucky author: with blurbs on the cover from gay author Edmund White and other Kentucky alum Silas House and Sena Jeter Naslund...I'm definitely interested.

We also today got another spinoff of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. To everyone who has written, is writing, or is thinking about writing a spin off to that classic: Quit! You are wasting paper and time. Pride and Prejudice is the only book worth reading - not any spinoff - ever!

Beau: Lucas Knudsen

From Vera's Big Gay Blog: Sorry. Don't mean to be such a chickenhawk.

Friday Beau

From Wicked Gay Blog: Mardi Gras 2010

I want to earn some beads from him!

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Wednesday Books 2

And, now, back to Happy Writer

Watch Kirsten Dunst "Turning Japanese" in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

UPDATE: Sorry, everyone! This video's been removed! Damned copyright law!

UPDATE 2: Found the vid from another site! WOO HOO!

Dust & Ashes

I'm not exactly sure what happened. Sometimes the fights are so numerous, preceded by or followed by drinking, that one blurs into the next, and days become days. This time, pictures were taken. Pictures from when we were together or pictures simply of him. Pictures I thought were safe, so I left them in the box in which I keep all the trinkets that seem important: a 2nd-grade reader that belonged to my 60-year-old aunt, pictures, cards, articles, stones, crystals, pieces of jewelry. One, I didn't think he would know that I had them. And, two, I didn't think he would find them. He didn't want them.

That period in our lives were so painful. These pictures were from the happy moments - the moments in which D, E, and T weren't fucking with us or my head.

When I returned home after this fight, he told me upfront that he found the pictures and burned them, that I needed to get over it. To let it die. To evolve so that we could become something better. I know my limitations: I know that it won't happen until we are apart for a while. Or at all, these pictures were to keep me sane in the in-between time in which he has just left and when the world will come back to me. And now they are gone.

Then today, I found the ashes. And left over bits of photograph. It seems that they had blown out of the flower pot in which they were burned and left on the sidewalk for me to find. The only picture I could make out was the one of me lying across our bed, the blue comforter stained with so much lube. The walls a baby blue. The apartment several apartments back. Back when, even if it was out of not knowing himself, he wanted me.

What's more difficult is the juxtaposition: what else these songs mean to me with the more recent pain, the more recent ashes with the early 20-something past. Mazzy Star's So Tonight I Might See will be forever associated with the lover I had my second year of college - the lover for whom I wrote a poem - the poem that I read once to another song on this album - "Blue Light" - the lover who contracted HIV a few years after I knew him - a few years after we shared a bead and a shower in my dorm. The shower was divided into two showers by two curtains, but if your brought the curtains together just so, two boys could have one large shower in which to kiss and suck and play and touch. He died in 2005.

I started listening to this album again after it was called one of the best makeout albums ever - and it is. And to have those feelings, and the feelings "Into Dust" has always brought to me - of dissolving thankfully into dust, of becoming dust - put next to the pain of my own HIV, and Boo moving, and the pictures gone - today has been a day: sadness and anger and the desire to keep jerking off because in that too too brief moment of cumming - only then is everything turned off enough.

HIV+ Man Didn't Warn Up to 100 Partners

Law Requires People Who Could Have AIDS To Warn Sexual Partners

From - Louisville News

Greenwood, Ind. -- Police said an Indiana man may have infected dozens of women with the AIDS virus.

Tony Perkins was arrested for not warning the women.

Police near Indianapolis said Perkins had unprotected sex with dozens of women without telling them he has AIDS.

State health records showed he knew he was HIV positive.

Perkins faces multiple criminal charges -- two counts of failing to warn a sexual partner that he has AIDS and one count of intimidation. The Johnson County Prosecutor said if more of Perkins’ sexual partners are discovered, more charges could be filed.

"The state law states that if you do have AIDS, you have to disclose it to any of your sexual partners. He has admitted, and he actually was somewhat remorseful about it, but at the same time, he blames a woman for giving it to him," said Greenwood police Chief Joe Pitcher.

Court documents showed Perkins met most of the women on a dating Web site.

Investigators said it's impossible to know exactly how many people Perkins had sex with without telling them he is HIV-positive, but there could be as many as 100.

What Perkins has done IS horrible, but I don't particularly like that law either: there is so much stigma about HIV/AIDS: if I'm wearing a condom, it isn't any business of the man I'm fucking what my HIV status is!

But, I guess that doesn't really apply here: Perkins seemed to be out to get as many women as possible.

Here is the Indiana State Law that covers the Perkins case:

Indiana law requires that persons infected with HIV who know of their status, warn past and present sexual or needle sharing partners of their HIV status and of the need to seek health care, such as counseling and testing. (IC 16-41-7-1) Persons with HIV are considered serious and present dangers to the health of others if they engage repeatedly in behavior that has been shown to transmit HIV, if they indicate a careless disregard for the transmission of HIV to others, or if they indicate they will engage in the future in behavior that has been shown to transmit HIV. (IC 16-41-7-2) If a court decides that a person presents a serious and present danger to public health and that irreparable harm may result to others, the court shall order the least restrictive limitations that are necessary to protect the public’s health. (IC 16-41-9-1)

From HIV/AIDS Fact Sheet from Planned Parenthood of Greater Indiana Inc.

Picture source.

Hump Day: Porter Wescott

Meet Mason Wyler's Latest Conquest Newest Friend: Porter Wescott

Happy Hump Day 2

From Pornadelic

Wednesday Books

This appeals to my dark goth side.

This could be my baby picture.

Happy Hump Day

Thank you, Ronny and Tito!

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Saturday Beau

This Saturday Beau is brought to you by Zephyr Files.

Marie Corelli's The Sorrows of Satan

Do you know what it is to be poor? Not poor with the arrogant poverty complained of by certain people who have five or six thousand a year to live upon, and who yet swear they can hardly manage to make both ends meet, but really poor - downright, cruelly, hideously poor, with a poverty that is graceless, sordid and miserable? Poverty that compels you to dress in your one suit of clothes till it is worn threadbare - that denies you clean linen on account of the ruinous charges of washerwomen - that robs you of your own self-respect, and causes you to slink along the streets vaguely abashed, instead of walking erect among your fellow-men in independent ease - this is the sort of poverty I mean. This is the grinding curse that keeps down noble aspiration under a load of ignoble care; this is the moral cancer that eats into the heart of an otherwise well-intentioned human creature and makes him envious and malignant, and inclined to the use of dynamite.
~ Marie Corelli, Opening of The Sorrows of Satan

I definitely want to read this at some point but I don't think now is the time. So back to the University of Southern Mississippi you go little book.

Are there any silent movie watchers out there who've seen the movie?

Saturday Books

There is another world, and it is in this one.
~Paul Elouard

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Thank you, thank you!

Thank you to Steven at My Life, My Thoughts (among other blogs) for the "You're Going Places, Baby" reward.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the academy, my friends, my fellow bloggers, my family, and the hospital for running out of blue baby blankets. Without the nexus of that pink baby blanket given to me as a newborn child and my middle name being Pride, I doubt I would be the wonderfully gay person I am today.

Be sure to check out Steven's jewelry designs at S.A. Designs.

Let him make you laugh at No Excuses, No Explanation.

Or let him make you hungry at Man Dish.

AND then there's his erotic blog over at Fetish - naughty!

Now the rules of the award:

1) Link back to the person who gave you the award: Done.

2) Tell where you want to be in 10 years: In ten years I hope to have the remainder of my school loans forgiven and I hope to be somewhere on the Appalachian Trail and on my way to my next home either in Toronto or Portsmouth, NH, and a new job at a public library (or hell, maybe even published.)

3) Pass it on to other special bloggers: This is the hard part. Especially since so many of the bloggers I admire HAVE already gone places or are currently living there.

I'll pick Sean at Just a Jeep Guy

Michael at Michael Rivers - The Blog

and Will at DesignerBlog

Happy Hump Day

Thank you, Lord Patrick! But I must ask: why would you post such a delectable picture and then scream, "NO! Always use a condom." I think you got some mixed messages going on here, cause that bare cock looks like it would feel mighty good. ;)

Beau: Johnnie

There's more at Sozo's Blog

Beau: Nate Berkus

Wow! I just thought he was really, really hot and was going to make some comment about playing house together. I didn't know that he was gay, too! Then when I found out that his former boyfriend and one of the principal photographers for the above book, Fernando Bengoechea, died when the couple were vacationing in Sri Lanka when the Indian Ocean tsunami hit, I realized I remembered seeing his obituary (Fernando's) on the web.