Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nice Package

So...we've been getting a lot of really, really tacky Urban Lit lately. I've always hated bodice-rippers but in Urban Lit, they don't even have bodices and everyone just seems to shimmer with oiled-up skin - like in those heterosexual phone sex commercials I sometimes find in the extras of the gay porn DVDs I occasional buy - yuck.

But I thought of posting this cover for a Vagina Lit post, because I know how much you all like a well-read Vagina, and then thought "meh" but then I noticed how much gunpower the guy on the cover is packing and couldn't help myself.

Damn, I wanna be HIS friend with benefits. Bitch, get out of that bed!


SteveA said...

I hear you dude!

Writer said...

Good to see you back, SteveA. :)