Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Currently Reading

I'll try to bring in my copy of this and scan it.

Wednesday Review

How do you start living again when the lies you've built your life on are swept away?

When Andy Nocera is caught sucking dick at the local highway rest stop, he is kicked out of his house by his wife Alice, he loses his job, and in order to avoid jail time, he must undergo a year of therapy. In the process he allows the blossoming that his life of denial has not allowed. We follow Andy not only through his year of therapy, but also his year of traveling the country as a salesman and discovering other gay men; his year of self- and family-discovery; and his year of his mother growing ill. He also becomes a safe place for a nephew who is also gay.

Ultimately this is a book about a journey through memory and shame that leads to freedom: as the cover shows us, Andy treads half submerged and reaches safe landing at the middle of the water.
A whirlwind had raced through my mind as Julia [Roberts] cavorted across the screen. What would I say to him? How would I even broach the subject? I could tell him about myself, not the disgusting, dirty details, just enough to highlight my mistakes, warning him about paths not take. We could talk about love. I could assure him a sweet and gentle soul awaits him. I could tell him not to throw himself away, not to let himself get bitter and callous and unable to trust love when it finally appears. I would promise him it will happen. If not for me, at least for him. (213)

This is a short review, I know. I'm so out of practice when it comes to righting. I really liked this book. But know that it isn't the sex that is shameful. This is truly about a man becoming...well, simply...Becoming. And it touched me a lot. There were a couple of scenes that I cried - especially when he's talking about his time with his Dad. You know, my Daddy issues. LOL.

So if you get a chance, pick this up. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Reading List

If I had at least a day a week to do whatever I wanted to do, part of that would be reading...and for this week, at least, I'd read these:

BTW, Tucker Max is an asshole, but a sexy asshole: I wonder how much longer before he starts doing guys? ;)

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Hate Not Blogging!

So...I'm back. I couldn't stay away. I like doing this way too much. LOL

As for my week, it went in the shit can, but then got amazingly better, amazingly quick. Wednesday night I finally opened a letter from my bank that I'd left lying around thinking it was just another notice that my account was overdrawn. No big news there - it typically stays overdrawn but I have this $700 overdraft protection thing that allows me to pay bills and not have to worry too much about it.

However, this letter was to tell me that the overdraft protection was being taken away because my account stays overdrawn - thanks for overlooking the fact that almost $700 goes into the account ever payday, Mr. Bank. So that was a rough night - made rougher by too much vodka - thank you for talking to me, Steven!

The next day I went to the bank and the branch manager Brandy (a very tall, lovely young lady who's helped me before) said she'd take care of it. She's even the bank officer in charge of my account now. Lovely, lovely person! I even like the fact that she calls me Jonathan. LOL.

And then last night, though I had my ass handed to me, I made $200 in tips at the server job. I've never made so much!

And then today my will to blog was too strong, so I offer you this short tale of my week and the above cover of Christopher Isherwood's book The Berlin Stories. We just got a replacement copy here at the library.

WEG is starting this week. Which is exciting, however, I'll probably miss most of the events. There is a horse parade this Sunday, but I'll of course be slinging pizza. I'd love to see some dressage but I should be able to check some of the free concerts downtown.

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments this week. The blog might limp along for a bit, but I'm back!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Beau

I've just published a bunch of comments but there is no way I can reply at the moment, nor is there really anyway that I can post anything else for a while. I'm suddenly so much busier at work and as I'm always on a service point, blogging or facebooking or checking any email other than work is frowned upon. Which doesn't really matter because typically I'm so freaking busy, I can't do any of these things anyway.

The pressure is building and building and my bills are building and building. I'm behind in my rent and my phone was shut off so my former roommate with whom I share a phone account paid it so now I owe him money - money I don't have. I'm behind in rent. My bank account is constantly overdrawn. I can't stand this, so something has to give.

I'm sorry but probably at least for the next few weeks, this will be my last posting until I can open up some more time space for myself. I love you all dearly. Take care.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Weekend Beau

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I hope you all have a good weekend, and wake up next to someone beau. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Beau

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Thursday New Books

Ma ma ma ma my pokerface.

Does this explain why I like bananas and banana-shaped things?


This cover was so fucked up, it made me want to read the book: I'd imagine if you liked Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the books, not the horrendous movie), you'd probably like this.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Hump Day

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I Wish I Had Your Confidence

G.O.P. Leaders Say Delaware Upset Damages Senate Hopes

Texting my former roommie last night, he cheered for Christine O'Donnell's win over Mike Castle, saying that it'll be easier to beat her in the general election than it would Castle. Living in Kentucky where our next Senator most likely will be a batshit crazy Tea Partier, I wish I shared his confidence.

On Monday night's Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel discussed whether or not the Delaware Republican Party will be willing to support O'Donnell.

I really hope not.

New Books for Wednesday

A Captive's View of Life, and He's 5

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something for your Late Night Beau

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Tuesday Beau

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Two for Tuesday

take take the noise in my head
take take the noise in my head
c'mon and turn turn it up
i wanna turn turn you on
i play it all i play it all
i play it words + guitar

nothing glows anymore, anymore
city lights don't twinkle
and my bruises don't turn black and blue

Friday, September 10, 2010

Here's Looking at You Beau

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Have a good weekend!

Two Months of Winnings

Over the past two months, I've been blessed with a blog winning streak!

My last win was the first season of the HBO series Hung which I won from Doug over at Dougsploitation! Thank you, Doug!

Here's Tanya and Ray posing with Québécois Moose.

I've already watched the first season twice and have added it to my list of TV series that I obsess about.

Just before that I won a Marriage is So Gay shirt from The Naughty Book Kitties! Thanks, Brent!

But before all this I won a treasure trove of stuff from MUZOPHILE:

A great T-Shirt!

A hat, a keychain, and a pen featuring Muzo's huge cock that I almost took to my server job. Can you imagine if I handed it to some little old blue-hair so she could sign her credit card slip? LOL

And this lovely poster hanging on my refrigerator!

However, I did forget to take pics of the Str8tCam Lube that Muzo sent me as well.

At some point, Muzo may post some other pics I sent to him of me wearing the I heart Muzophile shirt, and when he does I'll be sure to post the link on my blog!

I hope my luck continues. LOL!

Good Morning Beau

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Call Me a Chickenhawk

Via Rolling Stone's Special TV Issue

Vagina Lit: The Rules

Rule #1 - There should always be a man on the cover. Bare feet are optional but a plus.

Rule #2 - He should be a bit scruffy. Bare midriff is optional but a plus.

Rule #3 - If you don't show his whole face, then at least show his lips and his muscular arms. Tats are optional but a plus.

Rule #4 - All men on the covers of mass market paperbacks must have nice backs. Long locks of hair flowing down said back is not optional - hair should never be longer than shoulder length. Shoulder length hair is perfect for grabbing while one is riding said hot guy with nice back.