Sunday, October 31, 2010

The 100 Best Signs At the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear

Via BuzzFeed

How I Got Ready For Work Today

First, today's product:

Second, shower and shave for a clean slate:

Then, some powder:

Then, a few layers of white cream makeup:

Darken the eyes and the lips:

Let it dry a bit so I can add teeth:


Pretty good for a person who hasn't had any theater-makeup training in 16 years; forgot to buy any of those little sponges to help put the makeup on (I did everything by finger); didn't exactly know that the white cream makeup took some time to firm up, and who forgot the picture that he was going by at work the previous day so I had to do everything by memory.

Now, hopefully, my nose won't start itching.

This is my inspiration:

And the first person who asks me if I like ICP, I'm banning them from the library for the rest of the day.

Sunday Beau

Via Ray's Cowboy

O! To have a Daddy who made sure I got cock with every meal. :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Facebook Beau

My daily reminder that I need to work out. LOL

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Beau: Jon Rutzmoser

Though I'm not desirous of Lady Gaga pissing on me, I do have a long list of men that I have invited to do so, some of whom took me up on the offer. I'm know adding Jon here to that list, but he must come (or is that cum?) in his very cute pink underwear.

Via Gaga Stigmata

Also....wait for it...


*passes out from too much excitement and too much screaming*

Week of Music: Rocky Horror is the Midnight Movie!

Picture it: it's 1994. I've just gotten back from Governor's Scholar at Northern Kentucky University where not only did I help set video of a shopping cart rushing through a supermarket to the sound of The William Tell Overture, I'd also got my first blowjob from a boy named Donnye. I'd spent much of the summer making out with said boy and coming out to myself but then it was over and I had to come back to Central City with the knowledge that me being gay was fabulous - just very few people in my little community would think so.

Picture it: Rocky Horror Picture Show had been released for the first time on VHS, and my best friends - two girls whom I'd previously dated in a very asexual sort of way - Michelle (the brunette) and Synaca (the blonde) spend many nights together watching and re-watching Rocky Horror. We never knew about the audience participation, but we did know that we loved the illicitness of it, and we took that to the street outside Michelle's house, performing the songs of Rocky Horror at night on sleepy little (ironically-named) Morehead Street.

Finally I knew something new about myself and gay people in general. According to everything that intimated before, being gay equalled sadness, druggy, diseased, child-molesting. But on the streets singing at the top of my lungs, I knew the joy of being different, of being a freak, of being a painted bird, of being gay - moreso even than that first kiss with Donnye. The kiss only made me other, Rocky Horror filled me with the joy of it!

So, for Halloween, go out in the streets, and LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week of Music: Thursday Cat Power

Today and tomorrow are also in honor of the coming Halloween. Though tomorrow is dependent on me finding a particular picture.

I loved Cat Power for a couple of years now, though there's only a handful of songs that I listen to with any regularity. Michael Hurley originally performed the song though I've never heard that version nor have I attempted to do so.

The other song that I listen to by Cat Power with any regularity is the song Half of You which can also be heard in the first season of True Blood.

Check out 8tracks to hear other songs about becoming feral and learning to dance with the dog.

PS Once again I wasn't able to check the embedded video for sound, so I'm crossing my toes that it is listenable.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Inbox Goodies

Along with the 8track link in the previous post, my friend Sonya also sent me these:

Black Magic

Something There <== in her message she says this is Beauty-and-the-Beast-esque

My Blood Beats Dark

Warning: I haven't heard much of these 8tracks but my friend Sonya is a lovely fairy grrrll with very dark, electronic tastes in music (she recently went to see GWAR in concert) but this balances out with how much she loves kittehs and puppehs and everything cyute.

Sonya also sent me this: Favorite Costumes at the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade from which the opening shot of Scarlet "Pug" O'Hara comes from.

Then another friend, Tonya, sent me this piece from The New Yorker: Pride and Prejudice: Behind the Anti-Gay Bullying which I haven't actually got to read yet.

I also found (not in my Inbox, but on Google News) this NYT opinion piece: Islamophobia and Homophobia which was very, very interesting.

Next to last, my friend Nick sent me this article The Plot Escapes Me which talks about how we read and read and read and, yet, retain so little of what we read. If we can't remember what we've read, does what we read actually change us? I say yes, as does the article.

And, lastly, in response to some of Sonya's emails, I sent her this:

Week of Music: The Coup

This was recorded in the park outside the library where I work on April 26, 2008.

I haven't been able to check the sound on this, so let me know in the comments if it doesn't work.

I don't listen to much rap but I love the group The Coup. I also like a lot of gay rap - like HomoRevolution whose 2007 compilation I have on my iTunes.

The Fucking Nerve!!

Via Towleroad: Rand Paul Curbstomper Wants Apology From Woman He Stomped!

Two Pics and a Bit of Random Videoness

Me and my new 'burns.

Random happy dance while putting clothes ON and listening to Was Ist Musik

Happy smile!

Super Book Beau

No, I can't say that I'd read the new book by Gena Showalter, but I would definitely return the book well-used and maybe a little sticky. LOL

This is probably one of my favorite Paranormal Romance book covers because it showcases one of my favorite parts of the male form: the small of the back just where it meets the butt. *Que sigh*

Happy Hump Day Beau

Via The Muse Descending

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daddy and Boi Beau

Via teagay

Hot Daddy Arpad Miklos fucks his boy Ethan Storm in Lucas Entertainment's Wall Street. Can he be my daddy??

Week of Music: Electronica Tuesday

Was Ist Musik by Justus Köhncke from A Bugged Out Mix by Felix Da Housecat

I think I'm more excited about the soundtrack than the movie! But, really, there's nothing like Around the World.

And, obviously...

Here's a song I'm currently obsessed with: The Tunnel (link NSFW - it's xtube, for god's sake!) by, I think, Danny Tenaglia.

Crystal Castles' Vietnam

And, of course, The Knife's Heartbeat leads me to Fever Ray...

On the less esoteric end is my love of Kylie: All the Lovers - god, I wish I could embed that!! But here's a very nice image (be sure to pay attention to the left lower corner.

There is actually a whole lot more I could post, but this is at least an introduction. I listen to Electronica more than any other genre of music, but of course like any category Electronica covers so much. As with a lot of my music, I veer towards minor keys. Enjoy!

Vagina Lit

Question: Can anyone name the performers in this porn vid? (obviously, NSFW)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Beau

Via Sozo's Blog

A Week of Music: Sufjan Stevens

Inspired by my friend Steven, I present a week of music for you. Today's selection is indie-pop genius and all-around cutie Sufjan Stevens.

For more Sufjan Stevens, check out YouTube

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rose Walk

Via gothamist: Dozens walk across George Washington Bridge in honor of Tyler Clementi

It's been a few days since I typed in "Tyler Clementi" in the Google News search engine, but today (wondering if hate crime charges have been put forward or taken off the table) I did so and found this piece.

Some of you who are Facebook friends know that a week or so ago, I posted that I wanted to have a moment of silence in Woodland Park for Tyler, and I invited all my friends who could make it. No one came (though I do know a couple of people wanted to) but I sat beneath the age old, tall-as-mountain trees and said my peace for Tyler, and let the wind take it away.

Teacher Beau

Via Queerty: Oregon Student Teacher Seth Stambaugh Can Tell Elementary School Kids He's Gay Again

I would've loved having a gay teacher as a kid (take "having" however you will) - instead I got a woman with Edith Piaf eyebrows and way too much makeup and a homophobic preacherman who told us about men getting caught screwing out on the coal roads rather than actually teaching us history. Que sigh.

Goodbye Beau

All the good people leave. Have fun in San Fran, friend. Too bad we never got naked with each other. :(


If only something like this was on the books for me this weekend. Que sigh...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Late Thursday Night Beau

Via The Homo Adventures of Ronny and Tito AND in honor of the potential threesome I might be having at the time this picture posts! Cross your fingers that my partner(s) doesn't have "a headache" like last night. LOL

Evolution of the Geek

Via Fanboys of the Universe

Though I fall under several of these categories, I'm mostly a book geek. Be aware that gay geeks may also be referred to as hot gay nerds, as well.

Couple Beau

Via Queerty:
What's Worse For Greg & Aurelio: Newspaper Refusing To Run Wedding Announcement? Or Facing Deportation Separation?

After they exchange vows, Greg Gould and Aurelio Tiné will immediately go to battle with the US government. Gould said he will formally apply for legal residency for Tiné, a native of Venezuela, even though he fully expects to be rejected, to lay the groundwork for a possible legal challenge to a federal law they say discriminates against gays. The US government offers a path to legal residency for immigrants who marry Americans, but it does not recognize same-sex marriages.

On a lighter note, anyone else wishing this couple did porn? I have both my hands raised.

I Hate This

Via Towleroad: Gay Teen, Corey Jackson, commits suicide on Michigan campus. However, Corey's death does not seem to be as a result of bullying.

Via Queerty: Terrel Williams, 17, Hangs Himself In Bedroom Closet After High School Beating

Thursday Beau

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today is Spirit Day

Image and message via Metro Dystopia:

October 20th is Spirit Day here at Metro Dystopia [and Salmagundi] and at other blogs, places of work, schools and wherever gays and lesbians live and breathe.

Spirit Day was started by Brittany McMillan, and on the 20th we will wear purple in honor of the 7 gay boys who committed suicide recently due to homophobic abuse in their homes or at their schools.

Purple represents Spirit on the GLBTQ flag and that’s exactly what the sponsors of Spirit Day would like all of you to have with you: spirit and something purple to wear on that day in celebration of the spirits and lost lives of these seven young men.

Tell your blog readers, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools about Spirit Day and why it’s so important.

Our hearts go out to Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase, Billy Lucas and Cody J. Barker (picture not shown). You are all loved.

Thank you, Stan

Wednesday Books

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally get a copy of this book for the library! More on this soon. :)

Is not human fantasy,
Wild Aurora, likest thee,
Blossoming in nightly dreams,
Like thy shifting meteor-gleams?
~Christopher Pearse Cranch, To the Aurora Borealis, 1840

But there are two quite distinct things - given the wonderful place he's in - that may have happened to him. One is that he may have got brutalized. The other is that he may have got refined.
~Henry James, The Ambassadors

Happy Hump Day


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Books

My heart just melted when I saw the dedication: "To Angela Carter" :)

Ours is a highly individualized culture, with a great faith in the work of art as a unique one-off, and the artist as an original, a godlike and inspired creator of unique one-offs. But fairy tales are not like that, nor are their makers. Who first invented meatballs? In what country? Is there a definitive recipe for potato soup? Think in terms of the domestic arts. "This is how I make potato soup."
~Angela Carter