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Facebook Beau: Drew Brady

Happy 90th Birthday Carol Channing!

Facebook Beau

So sexy. Chris is a Facebook friend of mine and the lover of a former lover and good friend, Burley. (I hoping that those are Burley's shoes, and imagining what's going on below the frame will bring quite a bit of sticky joy later today.)

Book Review: The Love Song of Monkey

Jonathan is dying of AIDS. It must be the late 80s or the early 90s because he's emaciated and his feet are covered in what I imagine to be KS sores too numerous and painful to walk.

In a last ditch effort to help him, Kitty, his wife, drags him to a hospital to the laboratory of a Dr. Kack who places Jonathan inside a machine called the Kwark-King, which will painfully fix his body at the quark level. Every organ, every blood cell, every tissue rebuilt at the most basic sub-atomic level. But the process is so painful, that anyone who goes through it completely is seemingly left brain dead.

Seemingly for those outside the machine, because actually Jonathan can see, hear and feel but cannot respond or react. And while lying there unable to move, Jonathan learns two things: that his wife is having an affair with Dr. Kack, and that they are now about to throw him into the ocean to hide the evidence.

Over the next 50 years, Jonathan, suspended at the bottom of the ocean by a chain to a metal Venus statue, meditates on his love for Kitty, and will eventually discover that he can not only see, hear, and feel but also move. Looking around he will find that he is suspended above the deck of a shipwreck, and in an effort to distance himself even further from anything that connects him to the human world above, he travels to the center of the Atlantic, to the mid-Atlantic rift itself, and takes up residence in a volcano.

Michael S.A. Graziano has written a tight, little sureal book that honestly you can breeze through in a couple of hours. And though I enjoyed it immensely, it wasn't nearly as meditative as I was lead to believe it would be from the blurb on the back. But the central image is a powerful one: a man brought back from death, walking through the emptiness of the ocean floor, carrying a replica of the Venus de Milo, to the fiery heart of a volcano. WOW!

I will not post my favorite part of the book - I don't want to give the story away, so here are a couple of tidbits after Jonathan comes out of the Kwark-King and before he's dumped in the ocean:

"He's just lying there," Kitty said.

I was aware of her voice. I was perfectly aware of her voice and the sight of her face as it drifted across my field of view. I didn't turn my eyes to look. The metal form had been taken off. The foam had been scraped away, although I was aware of a residue all over my body, slightly greasy, as if I were covered in a layer of shaving cream. The suction cups were gone from my eyeballs. The giant spaghetti monster still hung from the ceiling directly above me. I knew where I was. But I didn't move. I wasn't paralyzed: I just didn't want to move. I had come back from a journey that I couldn't quite remember, and I felt absolutely at peace. A Buddha at the zenith of meditation could not have felt as self-contained. The noises and sights around me didn't seem to matter anymore. It's not right to say that I didn't care; that phrase has a harsh connotation. Instead, I didn't mind anymore. I felt infinitely indulgetn and willing to forgive the world anything, any circumstance it might foist on me, and therefore I saw no point in moving; I simply waited to see what new sensation the world might supply (47-8)

I think I was in the trunk for about three days.

I didn't mind. I didn't move a muscle. My eyes were open and I never blinked. The Kwark-King obviously had given me corneas of steel. They never dried out. When a normal person is trapped in a trunk for a few days, he or she probably can't help thinking about the situation, wondering when the sicko who put you there will come back, wondering what will happen to you. But I was past wondering and feared nothing, and my mind didn't have any reason to race. I simply was. I sensed. I happily accepted. I understood each new event as it unfolded. Why anticipate the next event? (57)

Tuesday Beau

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The Most Amazing Video on the Internet

Egypt January 25th

Midday Saturday Beau

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Poem for Timmy Woods: Blue Light

We lay beneath the blue light
Like night and day
Next to each other
My arm across his chest
Purple where there was red
He smells of grilling meat
Chopped onion, stale pot -
The universal smell of a cook -
Sour, just off from work.
Thin - thinner than me
Paler than the moon
Dark hair that hangs
Like a raindrop on a leaf
Sad and streaming
The bed, barely big enough for one
Holds us both, creaking
In sync with Hope Sandoval,
A mix of laughter, mumbled speech,
Pleasurable moaning
The passing of cars
The intake of breath and smoke
And the faint, wet noises of sex
On a dry autumn night.

Image via Pornadelic

Timmy Woods was my boyfriend for a brief time in the Fall of 1995 - my sophomore year in college. The poem was written at that time. I found out in 2007 from a mutual friend that he died in 2005.

The best way to read this poem (to yourself or out loud) is with the song Blue Light by Mazzy Star playing softly in the background.

Happy 80th Birthday

Grandma Clemmie!

Saturday's Sexy Underwear

A random short video of a few hotties standing on stage in their undies. Yay!

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Facebook Stalking Beau

OMG! I just waited on this cute little twink (not pictured) with sandy blonde curly hair and the cutest little lisp. Anyone have any defibulators they can spare?

This Week in the New Books

Though the blurb on the back doesn't mention gay teens or ex-gay camp, this book is about a young man whose parents send him to a camp to be fixed. He escapes and runs away to San Francisco.

Though I've placed this book second in the list, it is actually the book I'm MOST excited about!

I think this must be about a man who is writing a letter to his son to explain why he killed his own father and grandfather.

This seems like a strange, strange book: "Armed with only an old encyclopedia, a Bible, and the complete works of Charles Dickens, the good citizens of Dingley Dell built and idyllic society based on a Victorian past." And no...there's isn't some strange manmade creature in read raping the local youth in the woods.

This picture makes me think of one thing, "Chante! Chante!"

Don't let his Gertrude Stein impression fool you: this is a very cool book (nice design too) that features his biography but also modern day escapists.

Book Beau

Johann Hari: Why is it wrong to protect gay children?

Via The Independent:

I am exhausted. I have spent all week trying to brainwash small children into being gay, by relentlessly inserting homosexuality into their maths, geography and science lessons. Their little eyes widened when the gay algebra lesson started, but it worked: their concept of “normal sexual behaviour” has been successfully destroyed. It’s all part of the program brilliantly co-ordinated by the Homintern to imposed The Gay Agenda on Every Aspect of British Life.

That, at least, is what you would believe if you had read some of Britain’s best-selling newspapers this week, or listened to some prominent Tory politicians. The headlines were filled with fury. The Conservative MP Richard Drax said gays were trying to impose “questionable sexual standards” on kids, while the Daily Mail said we were mounting a massive “abuse of childhood.”

Thanks, Rob.

Friday Daddy

Woof! Daddy come take me home. :)

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Week of Doctor Who Beau: Russell Tovey

Rusell Tovey played Midshipman Frame who helped to save the spacecrusier The Titanic and the Royal Family and most of southern England in the episode Voyage of the Damned - ah, Kylie... Midshipman Frame would eventually be introduced by the Doctor to Captain Jack - can we have the amateur porn vid, please?

But many of you probably also know him as the inevitably naked for half the show George of Being Human.

Openly gay, and everso lovely (I love his ears), Russell is a wonderful actor and a wonderful addition to this blog.

BTW, be sure to check out the movie My Family and Other Animals - I'm pretty sure you can watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Thanks, Sean.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week of Doctor Who Beau: Ruari Mears

This is about the only picture of Ruari on the web, and it totally doesn't do him justice. When I saw him on Doctor Who Confidental for The Sontaran Stratagem episode, he had some lovely extenders in his ears and looked a little more punk. Sigh.

And, of course, you may not recognize him: he was the pre-clone in the pool of green ooze.

Happy Off My Ass Beau: Rick Bauer

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Good Morning Beau

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Good Morning

Waking up, cuddled up to someone, is always a lovely morning! :)

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RePost: Florida Will Stop Providing Primary HIV Care to Uninsured

Via Sayen CroWolf:

The Broward County Health Department will stop offering primary medical care, mental health care and case counseling to uninsured HIV/AIDS patients on March 1, and turn over the job to private providers.

The department’s pull-back from HIV/AIDS services will require the county to switch hundreds of patients to doctors and case managers at other agencies, which have not yet been identified, health officials said.

“Over time, the community has developed the capacity through other providers to provide this care. It is now time for us, as public health, to [instead] fill unmet needs and gaps in the service delivery system,” department spokeswoman Candy Sims said.

The department will continue to offer HIV services for dental care, pharmacy, jail inmates and pregnant women as well as its large-scale testing and prevention efforts, Sims said.

The change affects health department patients whose care is paid by federal Ryan White grants. Patients have not been notified yet, but a few who have found out said they were worried that the change would disrupt care and lead to complications.

Sayen CroWolf's comment (and I agree completely): "Sadly, I’m willing to bet that this devastating change is going to go under-reported or missed entirely by other websites."

Week of Doctor Who Beau: O.T. Fagbenle

O.T. Fagbenle plays Other Dave on the Silence in the Library and the Forest of the Dead episodes.

Sadly, also not many pics of him on the net.

Happy Hump Day

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Good Morning Beau: Naked Jake

Via Kenneth in the (212):

If you wanna see Jake Gyllenhaal running around naked (on a loop) -- and you know you do -- click HERE.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week of Doctor Who Beau: Harry Peacock

Harry Peacock plays Proper Dave on the Silence in the Library and the Forest of the Dead episodes. Not many good pics of him online.

TheBlackSpark: Famous

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beau: Craigery

Via Jack Off Material

This is sort of what I want to do for the Lady Gaga concert with a pair of clunky leather boots. Now, I just to get rid of my vodka/bourbon belly.

I Miss Apollo & Icarus

Via Dudetube

HGN was a tumblr account featuring two lovers going by Apollo & Icarus, who fairly recently, I think, has either brother up or quit posting. One of them (in the upper left corner, shirtless and his mouth open) sent some pics to another smut blog that I follow, and those I saved for my personal collection, but I truly don't know what happened.

Here's wishing them both the best. :)

Beau: Édgar Ramírez

Via OMGblog - click over to see a very beautiful cock, ass and body! :)

Love it: New PJ Harvey

She puts my Mother's autoharp to shame! ;) Just kidding, Mom.

Via OMGblog

More Lady Bunny



All the TheBlackSpark vids I posted over the past week (and the one today) have been removed from xTube except for this one (posted to xTube January 19) and another posted on the 20th. So I've deleted all those entries. :(

There's still nothing up yet at Black Spark And The Clouds but hopefully soon.

The other video can be found here.

Week of Doctor Who Beau: Christian Cooke

And now for a week of something completely different. Last week was sex, sex, sex. This week is geek, geek, geek: I've been obsessively watching series 4 of Doctor Who, and I've decided to feature some of the hotties of the series. I've already featured David Tennant so I'll be featuring the lovelies around him and behind the scenes.

Christian Cooke plays Ross in The Sontaran Strategem and The Poison Sky episodes of Doctor Who.

For more of a completely naked Christian (not the full monty I imagine) check out Just Beautiful Men

Monday Beau

Yes, I couldn't help myself posting one more TheBlackSpark vid, and I'm sure as more are posted to his xtube profile, I'll post those as well.

I hope you all enjoyed past week. :)

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Hot Gay Nerds

Via Uh-hu, fashion!

Facebook Stalking Beau

This guy has over 3000 friends, so I'm pretty sure he'll accept my friend request. LOL