Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dan Savage and Terry Miller Get Hitched...Officially

Via seattlepi

One of the first same-sex couples to get a marriage license Thursday in King County was Dan Savage and Terry Miller, who started the It Gets Better Project to help prevent suicide along LGBT youth.

“It’s really a remarkable journey we’ve been on and such a remarkable sea change,” said Savage, who’s also known for his sex advice column in the Stranger and other works. “And not just for gay people, but straight people have changed, too. It’s gotten better for us because straight people have gotten better about us.”

The first marriage license in King County was issued at 12:01 a.m., and by 3:30 a.m. 212 had been issued, breaking the single-day record. Typically the county issues between 75 and 100 marriage licenses per day, but by 4 a.m. Thursday the count had risen to 247.

Savage, who married Miller in Canada in 2005, said he thought the most remarkable recent marriage equality moment came in the weeks after the election as more election results were counted.

“And it turned out that marriage equality passed by a wider margin here in Washington State than the other three states where there was a marriage vote,” Savage said. “That was really thrilling and affirming, and we’ve worked really hard to bring Washington State around.”


Tamayn Irraniah said...

I'm really happy for the two of them. The video of them is even better.

I'm excited to see how this effects the rest of the US, and especially how this will effect the Supreme Court's work. Marriage could come as soon as June....

Writer said...

Thank you, Tamayn. I'm reticent about SCOTUS, but I always have hope. :)