Friday, February 8, 2013

100 Libraries to Follow on Facebook

My library made a respectable showing at number 67. Here is the Top 10.


This is...a list of active libraries that provide great content on Facebook. They are quick to respond to people’s comments and questions, and the public is utilizing their Facebook pages. If you are trying to learn about what leading libraries are doing, check out the following 100 Facebook pages. Enjoy!

  1. The Library of Congress
  2. The New York Public Library
  3. The British Library
  4. Columbus Metropolitan Library
  5. Boston Public Library
  6. Brooklyn Public Library
  7. The Seattle Public Library
  8. Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
  9. Multnomah County Library
  10. Chicago Public Library

Did your library make the list?


Kyle Leach said...

I'm afraid not. Our library has much catching up to do. That's what Stan and i became Trustees and why I'm a lifetime friend of our library. It is also why we are building a new library site for library, from the ground up. It's almost done. So much work to do, things to learn, things to teach; I don't know if we'll ever get to where I would like to see things go, but I've got to try. Thanks for the list JP. I also see there is one for Twitter. I'll go through the list over the next few days and pull the ones I think will work best for our library.

Writer said...

Kyle, you could also create a Goodreads group for your library. :)