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Having a Good Weekend?

A little ass never killed nobody.

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So, I've completely the Feedly organize, and now I'm going through the stuff I've saved for later to see what I'm going to post, or what I'm simply going to abuse myself to. I also have some links in my email, so I hope to get those to you soon.

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Good Morning Thursday

By Thursday, I'm lucky to know my ass from my hat.


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The Things You Find...

...when you start organizing your Feedly. I mean...other than realizing that I follow a scary amount of porn.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ah. The Glories of Modern Art

Whoever said the Muses HAVE to be female only?

Monday, March 10, 2014

BuzzFeed: Why Gay Men Still Love "The Golden Girls"

Via BuzzFeed

The first season of HBO’s Looking came to a close on Sunday night, not with Patrick (Jonathan Groff) embracing Richie (Raúl Castillo), the hairstylist he’d been pursuing on and off since the pilot, nor with Patrick falling into the arms of his partnered boss Kevin (Russell Tovey), although the two finally gave into their palpable sexual tension earlier in the episode.

Instead, Looking ended its first season with Patrick in bed with four women: Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia. Watching The Golden Girls on his laptop, Patrick laughed as the screen faded to black and the credits rolled. The familiar music began to play: “Thank you for being a friend, travel down the road and back again…”

Early on, I praised Looking for its honesty and relatability, but I had not seen a clearer snapshot of myself in the series until that final scene.

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Random Gawker Article about Barebacking, Safe Sex, and Truvada

Image and quote via Gawker

When I'm single, I don't bareback on purpose usually. I practice safe sex often enough to consider myself "always safe," even though that's not quite true. While the overwhelming majority of times that I've had casual anal sex, I've had the wherewithal and self control to stop and put on the condom I've already made sure is within my reach, there have been times when pre-sex teasing has led to penetration. I've slipped. There are times when a few condom-free strokes don't seem like they'd hurt anyone and we were both down so… I've given in to requests of full-on bare sex to orgasm on occasion, depending how hot and convincing the invitation was and how turned on I already was. It's always the exception, though. "That's not me," I tell myself during and especially after.

It's easy enough to sweep this all under the rug if nothing comes of it. If you don't contract HIV from bareback sex, was it unsafe? What does it even matter? Just do better next time and take solace in the personal rules—somewhat informed, somewhat arbitrary—that you suspect are keeping you protected: I've never gotten fucked raw by anyone who wasn't my monogamous boyfriend—I never need to bottom so badly that I'd ever let a casual acquaintance enter me without a condom.

But what hasn't harmed you in the past, if you're one of the luckily negative like I am, could still harm you when you do it in the future. Owning up to this fact is a crucial step in choosing to take Truvada, the antiretroviral drug cocktail of tenofovir and emtricitabine that's manufactured by Gilead. For years, Truvada had been used to treat HIV, but in 2012 it was also approved as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), to protect HIV negative people from picking up the virus. A study suggests that taking Truvada everyday reduces HIV transmission risk by 99 percent.

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My brief email to my Governor...

Since Attorney General Jack Conway said he would not seek an appeal against Judge Heyburn's same-sex marriage ruling for Kentucky, the Governor has decided to seek outside counsel (with taxpayers' money) to appeal the ruling. Here is my email to Governor Beshear:

Dear Sir. I am a gay citizen of Kentucky. I have lived here all my life, and I am writing you to ask you not to use tax payer money to seek outside counsel to appeal the ruling of Judge Heyburn. I know I am part of a minority here in Kentucky and that you have to depend on the majority to give you the gubernatorial powers, but it is up to the governor to protect the minorities of his state. This is not mob rule. As a respected author said of Nigeria's anti-gay law: "the mark of a true democracy is not in the rule of its majority but in the protection of its minority." This isn't about freedom of religion. We are not asking you to force churches to marry us, just to respect the laws of other states that will allow us to marry. We are not even asking you to allow us to marry in Kentucky, though that would be economically beneficial to Kentucky. So please do not ask for an appeal of this ruling. I have been very proud of Kentucky in regards of the Kynect program which is a really progressive program that isn't - because of misunderstanding - particularly popular with the majority of people - this misunderstanding is equally true of Kentucky's dislike of marriage equality. Please let me continue to be proud of my home. Thank you.

Here is more from local news state WKYT

50th Anniversary Edition of The Book of Three

Via io9

Let the screen-salivation begin.

Princes wait there in the world...'s true. Princes, yes, but wolves and humans too...