Saturday, May 31, 2014

Buzzfeed: How to Get Back to Narnia

I write as someone who was left behind, as anyone who has read and loved a magical book is, marooned in the world we tried so hard to escape. We are Narnians bereft of Narnia, witches without wands, children who have grown old. I do not mourn for my lost childhood: let me be clear. Adulthood is another, maybe equally profound, form of escape, and one I relish. Still, I’ve been thinking about this very particular form of reading—desperate, wishful, life-sustaining—that I for a long time had put aside.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Update on Me

Image via Wallpoper

Hey, everyone! How are you?

I just wanted to drop a line to say HI, and to let you know what is going on.

I'm still in a holding pattern when it comes to this blog. Though I think mostly it is how difficult it is now to post at work. Windows 8 is not kind when it comes to anything involving Google.

Some good news...great news actually. I've won through work the opportunity to spend a month in Greece. I will be in Athens for the month of September with trips on the weekends to Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos and really quite a few other places. Nominally, I have to "work" which means I have to experience the libraries in Athens and come up with 3 policy changes for my library based on my experiences in Greece, but there's also a degree in which the organization that is giving us the money wants me to experience the current state of Hellenic Ideals in Greece. So we shall see.

This is where I hope to be living (or at least sleeping) in Athens.

Also, I've been researching bus passes and ferry fairs and English AA meetings.

With meetings with my benefactor and now with a local man who also has a home in Crete, things have been busy busy. Also we're on the edge of Summer Reading to start. Add AA meetings and Pride Planning Committee meetings, I'm thinking that when I start again posting here (yes, I hope it still happens) it will be more of a nightly thing.

So, as always I beg your patience and thank you for visiting my blog...