Friday Night, Sex and the City, and one of the best nights in a long time

Friday night, my roomie and I went out to Fayette Mall to do some shopping. Window shopping is one of my most favorite things to do (especially since I typically don't have the money to actually shop) but while most men have only masturbation memory cards in their heads, I am one of the lucky ones to have a shopping memory card as well. I take mental pics of all the clothes I want. So while S is buying $75 shorts from Express or J. Crew, I'm imagining myself in Prada sunglasses, and lovely clothes and all the local lads salivating over me.

I hated working at Fayette Mall, but I love going there.

When we went to The Pub where I had my first cosmopolitan and then the rest of S's and we split a sandwich. Then off to the theater for Sex and the City.

Sex was awesome. There was a gay kiss in the first minute of the movie and then there was

Gilles Marini

who played Dante, Samantha's sexy, having-sex-all-the-time neighbor. Dante included lots of nudity, a lovely outdoor shower scene (because lovely people look better wet and all lovely people should have outdoor showers), AND the money shot - a lovely, uncut cock that I could feel coming off the screen.

Spending time with S was wonderful. We need to get out of the house more often.


Warren said…
Thanks for the link to your site. If you liked Gilles in the SATC movie, be sure to check out Dude Flesh on Wednesday . . . we're going to be running a post on him with lots of photos.

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