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Tuesday Beau: Andy O'Neill

What? What?

First Barney Frank, now the National Review

Today's My Birthday

Even Mother Nature is pro-Obama!

Barney Frank: I Would Not Have Imputed Such Pettiness to the GOP

Lunsford v. McConnell

My Point Exactly Part 2

My Point Exactly

Counterknowledge by Damian Thompson

Múm: Green Grass of Tunnel

Friday Beau: Matthew Mitcham

Wanda Sykes on Bailout and Palin

Thursday Beau: Three Pieces by Michael Leonard

Wednesday Beau: Before Joe's

Top 20 Beer Drinking Countries

Local: Bruce Lunsford Now Within 3 Points

Of course, there are no homosexuals in Iran...

Bookish Beau

Advocacy on Behalf of Gay Men Verbally Abused by McDonald's Staff

PETA was in town yesterday

Eulogy for a Hero

Henry Earl (a.k.a. James Brown) Arrested for the 1000th Time

LOL: Obama Barack

Tuesday Beau in French

Chinese Astrology: Libran Cats

Tiny Beau for Tuesday: Vincent Laresca

My Kittehs: Edie, Harry, and Sami

I Love My Cousin

How I'm feeling today...

Monday Beau: Miro Moreira

Lexington Street Art

A Couple Other Things

Saturday Beau: Carson Wheeler NSFW

Cool Found in the Restroom

Friday Beau: Teddy Thompson

For S

Books, Books, Books!