When will love come again? When will I come again with someone I love? Someone worth my weight in gold. Someone that I think is beautiful. Someone who thinks I am beautiful and interesting and worth listening to. Someone who will hold me down in bed but lift me up in life.

When will love come again? When will he come and not be afraid of what's in my blood? I hope he has the same.

When will it happen? There's nothing like unrequited love to make you feel so small.


No wonder you are depressed. You live in Kentucky, a red state with many, many heavy people. I have a pregnant daughter, a son-in-law, and a perfect grandson that live there in Lexington. I was there during Thanksgiving, and I am still depressed. Always such a joy to come back to California. I was certain there couldn't possibly be a gay, intelligent, good-looking person like yourself anywhere in the state. No, I am not flirting. I am older then Abe Lincoln, but I just had to comment when I saw a gay blog from Kentucky. Good luck finding love.

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