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Ah. Movie From My Formative Years


UK students, leaders decry effigy of Obama

Fuckers Found: Tips Lead to Arrest

Beau: Cute Boys on Toilets

Halloween Beau: Batman and Robin

Oh My Fucking God

300 year old Bur Oak Tree in Lexington

Trailer: Fairies

Milk: Without Hope Life Is Not Worth Living

Beau: Edilson Nascimento

I'm a Lover of HGN

Beau: Dylan Rosser

No. on 8

Don't Get Cocky

Lovely Underwear

Sadness: Goodbye Nyac

I love this video

Beau: Daniel Radcliffe NAKED

Barack Obama's Family Tree

More Were the World Mine

Post Turtle

In my Inbox

In My Inbox

Two more pics from Were the World Mine

Beau: Were the World Mine

Without Hope, Life's Not Worth Living

Beau: Acne Underwear


Education is the Answer


Boo's Editorial

Just More Decoys

Ten Years Ago

Debate Results

Wednesday Beau

What I've Read: Breakdowns by Art Spiegelman

What I've Read: The House on Sugar Beech

Beau: Daniel Radcliffe and Mike Erwin

Anita Bryant

Matthew and Mason

Friday Beau


What the Media reported vs. the full context

Donations Against Proposition 8 Desperately Needed

Pundit Kitchen: You Betcha!

Thursday Beau: Lucian Thomkins

Anthony Goicolea: Weird Gay Art...