Sexy AIDS Ads

Do These Sexy HIV Advocacy Ads Send the Wronog Message About HIV?

I guess I'm supposed to be neutered like the elderly are also supposed to be neutered? Just because I have HIV doesn't mean that I'm not sexy. That's the stigma that HIV- men like to cling to.


Sean said…
Often what we see or read is one extreme of the truth. the truth usually somewhere in the middle.

HIV/AIDS was a death sentence until 1996 when the new protease inhibitors came along. There was some relief before them but the drugs were almost worse than the disease.

It was important for people to know (be convinced) that there is life with HIV and that it is not an automatic death sentence. That message was extreme but it worked. It worked so well that people stopped fearing becoming poz, "I'll just pop a few pills every day for the rest of my life and I'll be fine."

The truth was that you could live and love but with some work and discomfort and as long as you could afford the meds - not unlike diabetes, ms and a host of other illnesses. And now there is a new level of truth and that message must get out.

As the virus and it's treatment continue to evolve, so will our perception of it. And nothing changes our perception like marketing and advertising. Reality works too but who needs that?
Writer said…
I have too much reality. :D

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