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Wednesday Books

New pic of me

Ah! Kentucky.

Happy Early Hump Day

Tuesday Books

Pressure rises to stop antibiotics in agriculture

Beau Blue

Beau: Francisco

Beau: Michael Fitt

Day After Christmas Beau: Adam Coussins

Merry Christmas

Beau: Milo and Elijah

Tuesday Books

Currently Reading

One more from Arrow of God

Beau: Jay/Christopher

I wish I were on the beach Beau

Monday Beau: Asher Roth

5 for / 4 against

Monday Books

Xmas Present?

Beau for a Rainy Friday

Yes, Tiger, there is a Santa Claus

Hero: Walter Trochez

I *heart* Al Franken!

That Bitch Potter!

What a Douchebag!

Boo: Kentucky to Have its First Bear Hunt in 100 Years

There's an App for that.

The Father? The Son? The Hoh my God...

Thursday Books

A Hump Day (Throw) Back