Beau Blue

Blue is one of my favorite colors.


Steven Anthony said…
Oh........... enough said! ;)
Writer said…
Instead of keeping a flask of bourbon on my person, I post these pics to keep you, me and everyone else warm. :D
Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, much appreciated :) I like looking at your blog for the book posts, I look forward to them. I'm jealous you can get through so many books, I never find that much time :(
SteveA said…
I have a pair of shorts like those but I don't look nearly as hot as that :(

On a different note - Merry Christmas cutie! xoxo!
Sean said…
My eyes are blue!
Trickle Down BS said…
just to wish you a happy 2010
Michael Rivers said…
NICE!! Blue is my FAVORITE color!!

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