Boo: Kentucky to Have its First Bear Hunt in 100 Years

And they fucking call it a "harvest" like they're going out shucking corn!

Bears have become so populous over the past 10 years in southeast Kentucky that the state's first bear hunt in 100 years has been scheduled for this weekend.

As bears have become a sight-seeing attraction and sometimes a nuisance for state parks in Harlan, Letcher and Pike counties, local hunters have been eager to add black bears as a big game animal, said Steven Dobey, bear program manager for the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

"Kentucky is kind of a unique spot in this region of the United States because they historically had not had bears in great numbers. West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia have had bears for decades," Dobey said. "Their return (to Kentucky) has been in the grand scheme more recent."

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Stephen said…
I understabd that hunting is part of the culture in may places (including Oregon), but always seems a cowardly act to me... get in your SUV & use a high powered rifle to injure & kill an mammal that is just living its life in the wild... but, hey I would love a bear skin, I am a typical hypocritical vegetarian.
I agree that at times, it is a way of life for cultures, but it is just so cruel and the violent connotations is just so sad.

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