Hero: Walter Trochez

Walter Trochez, a LGBT activist and a member of the National Resistance Front in Hondurus, was shot and killed December 13. After a military coup in June, Trochez began to document and publicize homophobic killings and crimes by those responsible for the coup. According to journalist Doug Ireland, Trochez had been tailed for weeks and the men responsible for his murder were part of the state security forces.

Just a month before his murder, Trochez was arrested and beaten while documenting the treatment of transgender prostitutes in the Comayagüela district. Also previously, he had released an open letter documenting an "increase in hate crimes and homophobia towards LGTB as a result of the civic-religious-military coupe in Honduras...Once again we say it is not acceptable that in these past 4 months, during such a short period, 9 transsexual and gay friends were violently killed." He ended the letter saying, "As a revolutionary, I will always defend my people, even if it takes my life." He was 25.


Kyle said…
Walter Trochez is a hero JP. I'm glad you picked up his story too. He was willing to give his life to protect equality and human dignity and respect. My only wish is that he didn't die in that fight. We have already lost too many of our great souls. Everyone we loose diminishes all of us.
That is sad and a complete loss to the LGBTQ community. He truly is a hero. Great job in posting this.
libhom said…
The Honduran coup is so upsetting. I wish the Obama administration would stop giving it their de facto support.
Curtis Morrison said…
Thanks for posting. May his death not be in vein.

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