Marie Corelli's The Sorrows of Satan

Do you know what it is to be poor? Not poor with the arrogant poverty complained of by certain people who have five or six thousand a year to live upon, and who yet swear they can hardly manage to make both ends meet, but really poor - downright, cruelly, hideously poor, with a poverty that is graceless, sordid and miserable? Poverty that compels you to dress in your one suit of clothes till it is worn threadbare - that denies you clean linen on account of the ruinous charges of washerwomen - that robs you of your own self-respect, and causes you to slink along the streets vaguely abashed, instead of walking erect among your fellow-men in independent ease - this is the sort of poverty I mean. This is the grinding curse that keeps down noble aspiration under a load of ignoble care; this is the moral cancer that eats into the heart of an otherwise well-intentioned human creature and makes him envious and malignant, and inclined to the use of dynamite.
~ Marie Corelli, Opening of The Sorrows of Satan

I definitely want to read this at some point but I don't think now is the time. So back to the University of Southern Mississippi you go little book.

Are there any silent movie watchers out there who've seen the movie?


Goodness, this sound like something I would read. Its going on my booklist.

No silent movies lately, but I love watching foreign movies with subtitles. Any good ones? :)

Hey its the weekend, are you working :(

Geez, I sound like a stalker. Laugh
Kyle said…
Sorry JP, we love silents, but neither of us have seen this one.
Steven Anthony said…
My town host a huge silent film festivel every yr, but they have never shown this one...

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