Thank you, thank you!

Thank you to Steven at My Life, My Thoughts (among other blogs) for the "You're Going Places, Baby" reward.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the academy, my friends, my fellow bloggers, my family, and the hospital for running out of blue baby blankets. Without the nexus of that pink baby blanket given to me as a newborn child and my middle name being Pride, I doubt I would be the wonderfully gay person I am today.

Be sure to check out Steven's jewelry designs at S.A. Designs.

Let him make you laugh at No Excuses, No Explanation.

Or let him make you hungry at Man Dish.

AND then there's his erotic blog over at Fetish - naughty!

Now the rules of the award:

1) Link back to the person who gave you the award: Done.

2) Tell where you want to be in 10 years: In ten years I hope to have the remainder of my school loans forgiven and I hope to be somewhere on the Appalachian Trail and on my way to my next home either in Toronto or Portsmouth, NH, and a new job at a public library (or hell, maybe even published.)

3) Pass it on to other special bloggers: This is the hard part. Especially since so many of the bloggers I admire HAVE already gone places or are currently living there.

I'll pick Sean at Just a Jeep Guy

Michael at Michael Rivers - The Blog

and Will at DesignerBlog


Steven Anthony said…
Your welcome my friend....I hope all your dreams come true for your ten yr;)
Kyle said…
Crongrats JP! Make your dreams come true.
Congratulations - that was an awesome speech. You would have gotten a standing ovation from me :)
RAD said…
you deserve it all! Happy Hump day to you!
Dean Grey said…
Congrats on the blog award!!


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