Beau: The New Doctor Who

Matt Smith is the first Doctor Who to appear on the cover of a gay magazine.

I have to admit I've never watched a single episode - I saw part of one with David Tennant in it, but that was it, and honestly I know I'm failing a large group of my friends (both blogger and realtime). But I've always been behind the curve: for example, I never read the Lord of the Rings trilogy until I was almost 25! Believe me: that is strange!


Steven Anthony said…
Im a huge Doctor who fan...I've always been in love with Tom Baker and David Tennant....but Matt is cut enough I will give him a try...anyone of the three could come sweep me away in the tartis and I would be happy;)
J James said…
I'm in the same camp as you regarding my Who-following...but I might be motivated to check this new one out.
I have not seen Dr. Who. I didn't read Lord of the Rings but one weekend, I rented the Trilogy and watched the entire thing. It was really good.
Kyle said…
JP, I rather like being behind the times. It a great natural filtering mechanism. Everyone else gets to be a test subject(because they just have to have everything now, so they can show/talk/gloat about it) and I reap the rewards of their labors and cast-offs. Genius! :)

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