Empty Streets

Part I: Inferno
Per me si va nella città dolente
(Through me the way to the woeful city)
~Dante Alighieri (Sign on the gate of Hell)

Fever Ray's Keep The Streets Empty For Me


J James said…
I should just e-mail this suggestion to you...but I'll leave it here...check out "Strings Attached" by Nick Nolan. I'm reading it on my Kindle right now and loving it. Well, I'm obviously not reading it NOW...since I'm surfing the 'net.
Michael Rivers said…
I've read the first three books in this series and they are wonderful!! I have this new book and will read it soon.
G said…
i've just discovered yr blog and want to say i really like the way you blend the intellectual with the sexual
a fellow fan of beautiful thing _and_ the barbarian invasion, as well as nina simone, and an infj'er from down under
Writer said…
J James: Thanks! I will check it out.

Michael: I've put in an ILL order for the first two of the series.

G: Thanks for commenting, Geoff!

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