Epigraph: Hard, a novel

Why don't we try not to break our hearts
and make it so hard for ourselves?
~Pet Shop Boys

Moe Pearlman was the greatest cocksucker in New York City.

He knew this was true. Hundreds of men had told him so. They had also told their friends, boyfriends, and lovers. Some went further and said he was the best in the whole world; Moe paid little heed to the world outside New York - an extremely competitive cocksuckiing market, it should be noted - and was thus content to hold the undisputed city title. He had a "reputation." And he was proud of it.

His skill wasn't something that could be taught: It wasn't any trick of the tongue or a double-jointed jaw that made him the champion. He was the greatest because he was devoted, passionate about his vocation with the precision of a scientist and the creativity of an artist.

He was also an expert because he practiced regularly. More often than most people brush their teeth.

But not tonight, Moe thought as he walked out of his apartment on Cornelia Street and turned north, knapsack over his shoulder. Tonight Moe was going to try and keep his mouth shut, at least for a few hours. It wouldn't be easy, but it was for a good cause.


Eduardo Guize said…
I'm sorry, but I've just imagined this book on the shelf right next to PUSH (by Sapphire) and that got me laughing all alone...
J James said…
Not available in e-book format...maybe I'll have to violate my desire to not waste trees and go pick up a copy at B&N if they have it.
Steven Anthony said…
wow, that peaked my interest...another one for the list..the ever growing, now really out of control list... ;)
SteveA said…
That opening makes me want to get this book!

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