Learn to Tip People!

It's 18% here in Kentucky, people! If you need help with the math, let me know.

Thanks, Speed Bump!


Steven Anthony said…
I used to cut hair, and lived on my tips...I always over tip everyone now ... wait staff love me:)
J James said…
The worst was when I worked at Perkins and people just tip $1 or $2 for breakfast regardless of how much their bill actually came up to. It was even worse during local music festivals when the hippies would come in with barely enough money to pay for a short stack and coffee. Ah, good times.
Especially if they are hot. My gaggle once tipped this hot server almost double the bill because he also had an awesome accent. Aussie or South African we couldn't figure it out.
Kyle said…
Too cute. I don't like skimpy tippers. Bad tippers should be forced to work in a position relying on tips for a year as compensation. Their tune would change very quickly.

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