Monday and Tuesday Books

May have a gay character in it: the blurb claims that one of a couple of brothers has a secret that he has revealed to know one. Cue dramatic music!

George W. Bush's only nod that gay people are somewhat valuable came in the appointing of Ryan as Poet Laureate.

Be CentsAble: I'm broke. Yikes!

I'd love to do this. My apartment is next to a small strip of land that is unused. I've planted flowers there, but now what to plant an actual vegetable garden.

Cheese: my favorite food in the world.


Steven Anthony said…
I'm adding at least four of these to my list, I would like them all but my list is getting way out of control....I need to read faster;)
Kyle said…
The Backyard Homestead sounds very interesting. We are doing much of the same thing already. We give friends some of our veggies and herbs and they return the favor. We are also helping Amanda and Aaron, reclaim much of their land(well at least the part that isn't still forest) with growing space. We get fresh eggs from Stan's co-worker or from out friend Kristin.

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