Not to Sound Like a Lush

Last night, unexpectedly, and in front of a friend, I was denied entry to one of the local gay bars: The Bar Complex. The doorman said that the owner thought I needed to take a break and gave me the cryptic reasoning that it'd been two weeks - whatever that means. Yes, I do like to go out quite a bit, and yes, I do like to drink. But I also know a handful of men who are there every night, sometimes with their pets.

What I think this is really about is that the night before I came into The Bar and was met by the bouncer who said they were "closing." I said yes, sir, and continued up to the bar under the expectation, given how early it was, of getting a drink. I was met with a rather nasty, "I'm already closed" from the bartender David. So I got up and said, a little annoyed, that fine, I'd go to a straight bar because at least they stay open.

And ultimately I think this has to do with the fact that I've fucked David and been fucked by him at a local bookstore. He's always been somewhat of a jerk to me - I guess because I know his business, but up until today, I didn't really want to spread it around. I don't care if people know my business. So to be clear, yes, I use to go to a local adult bookstore and fuck around. Boo fucking hoo.

So now I've been exiled from The Bar, and I don't really wanna go back. The owner is a conservative gay, and has gone so far as to say that a friend can't exhibit his artwork at The Bar because it is too gay! Fucker!

So, I will henceforth be going to Tin-Roof with my straight friends: the owners are nicer and hotter, and the place isn't full of a bunch of Kentucky fags.


Steven Anthony said…
I find it hard to think of anyone being a jerk to time Im in Kentucky I'll kick some ass for ya;)

thanx for the dolly, made me smile;)

happy weekend friend
J James said…
1) Re: fucking around at the bookstore...nothing to be ashamed of.

2) Fuck them. You don't need them...they need you as a customer.

3) I was denied entry to a bar in Australia once because I was too drunk...or they claimed I was too was kind of sad. :(
Sean said…
That sucks! What a prick!

Hey, what's with the new banner and blog title?
Writer said…
Steven: no asskicking required, though it might be enjoyable to watch. You have a good weekend too.

J James: Thanks. I know - I guess my dollars aren't green enough.

Sean: The banner's the same, but the title: I learned a new word and I liked it better. Salmagundi basically means "This and That" anyway.
Fucking in a bookstore sounds really fun. No biggie!

The asshole bartender on the other hands i just that asshole.
Donnie said…
So does this mean you no longer frequent bookstores???
Kyle said…
A conservative gay. OMG, Yuck!

Won't show artwork because it is "too gay." WTF? Must have serious, serious issues.

JP, you have got to find a new gay bar to go get happy in.
SteveA said…
Crazy and very low of that bar! It is a business but some people like to pull rank and make people feel bad - they are so insecure!

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