On the death of Chad Noel

Chad Noel, Porn Co-Star of an Underage Brent Corrigan, Dies at 25

It is sad that he's died so young and of HIV (don't let the flippant sound of the Blondie song fool you), but I've always admired people who let their flame burn brightly, maybe too brightly, and let it burn them up. Maybe most people wouldn't think of pornstars in this way: maybe most people would think of them as trash or victims, but I don't. And maybe he won't be remembered the way many of the artists and literary giants who died young of HIV/AIDS are remembered, but he is now among them. RIP


Kyle said…
One of my favorite T-shirts says, "it is better to burn out, than it is to rust."

JP, there are much trashier things on this planet than porn stars, that is for sure. I rather like them.:)
SteveA said…
Sad indeed. RIP!

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