Beau: Matt Smith

I'm giving in to my desire to speak.

Matt Smith to play gay!

Hold on: I thought Matt Smith was gay.

Via a comment at AfterElton:
That's from a fantastic play called Citizenship, by Mark Ravenhill (of Shopping and Fucking fame, but Citizenship is massively better). From what I know, Matt played 'Gay Gary', who's not actually gay, just a laid-back, slightly flamboyant stoner who's the best friend of the main character (the guy kissing him).

This will be my last post until Monday, so I wanted to leave you all with something other than the National Day of Silence - which honestly should have been more about speaking up and protesting. We've been silent enough.

Have a good weekend, loves.


Steven Anthony said…
His Doc Who stint starts 2morrow;) I can not wait;)

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