Jackson County Teen Won't Return to School

Via the Lexington Herald-Leader:

A gay student who said three classmates tried to kill her won't return to Jackson County High School this year, her mother said Thursday.

Dee Johnson said she is concerned her daughter, Cheyenne Williams, wouldn't be safe if she returned to finish her senior year.

Even if the girls accused of attacking Williams weren't back at school, some of their friends would be, Johnson said. Johnson said her daughter has enough credits to graduate.


RAD said…
Kids can be so mean to anyone that is just a tad bit differ...its great that this shit is getting out..Now the bad eggs that bully kids may not be able to do it...
Bob said…
I was saddened to learn that she wouldn't return to school, thinking the bigots had scared her off. But knowing she can still graduate, while, hopefully, her attackers get jobs in the prison laundry is a win-win in my book.

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