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Includes a Preface by Kentucky author Wendell Berry. And if you've never read any of Frances Moore Lappé's books, add her to your list.

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Post Secret

Another beautiful Saturday in the Bluegrass. Kinda of chilly in the shade after last night's rain, but wonderful in the sun. Went to the Farmer's Market and looked at their lovely soon-to-be-open pavilion. Had a cheese crepe made right in front of me, and then a scoop of Oreo ice cream. Then on to Sqecial (pronouced Skecial) to see if they had something. Was very surprised to see that CD Central, a local, independent music seller, was having lives bands in their back parking lot. I learned The Rough Customers were playing and I was immediately in love with the song.

This isn't the same song, and it's a lot slower than what was being played today, but enjoy.

I love her voice and the tall honey on the bass. Have a good weekend.


Take Care and Enjoy your weekend.
The Breeder said…
Your library only carries half the books I've written. What's up with that?
Steven Anthony said…
grounded may have just moved to the top of my list;)

I know you didnt find last weekes photo post, I have more on no excuse no explanation today;)

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