Tomorrow Is the National Day of Silence

Via I Should Be Laughing
Tomorrow is the National Day Of Silence, and I'm going quiet for the day because bullying, of any one, for any reason, is wrong, but bullying of children by children or by adults is especially disgusting.

Stay silent and think of:

  • Phoebe Prince, bullied to death.

  • J. Anoai, bullied because of his long hair.

  • Jayron Martin, bullied and beaten with a metal pipe by one of his classmates.

  • Jonathan Escobar, driven out of school because he's gay.

  • Carl Joseph Walker Hoover, bullied to death.

  • Steven Harmon, beaten by fellow students because he is gay.

  • A thirteen-year-old boy in Florida raped with a hockey stick by four classmates.

  • Jaheem Herrera, bullied to death.

  • Jeremiah Lasater shot himself in the head rather than face another day of being bullied.

  • Eric Mohat took his own life rather than face the bullies.

Stay silent and think of these names, and the hundreds of others, who can no longer speak.

So now, after adding these names to your soul, go out, get together and SCREAM!


vilges suola said…
I don't get it. Why be silent about any of this?
Writer said…
We shouldn't be, and I know my post doesn't make it clear but I think, especially with the image of the screaming mouth, we should actually be much, much louder about this issue. Today is meant to draw attention to it.

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