Beau: I Want Your Love

Thank you to Dudetube for the literal and metaphorical heads up. Also go there for more still shots of the movie.

And go to Naked Sword for the 12 minute preview. Very NSFW, but very hot. I love porn, but this is more: it is beautiful and real and the men are real men - not the sugar-coated confections that appear in some porn. I didn't even mind the condom.

And thanks to the lovely, lovely bottom, I'm going to keep my beard for a bit.


SteveA said…
OK - I checked out the video - these guys are so cute and real. Please keep your beard - it's sexy!
Writer said…
Thanks, SteveA. I'm gonna keep it, though I might shave it once a week until I can afford clippers.
Dawn said…
I can't WAIT to see this flick...the preview is one of the hottest bits of porn I've EVER seen. Think it will show downtown at the Kentucky? LOL ;P
Writer said…
I want to see it too, Dawn, but no I don't think it'll be at the Kentucky.

I saw you are starting a blog; let me know when you start posting. I'd love to follow along. :)

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