Beau: Jónsi and Alex

We got Jónsi's (of Sigur Rós) solo CD Go today! Awesome!


Blog Calientes said…
Is it possible you add my Site at your Site links.
I´ll do the same.
New Blog
Finest Larin Men
SteveA said…
Sigur Ros is a great band. In Season 2 (think) of CSI there was a scene where Grissom was washing a body down and they were playing this haunting piece of music in the background - I googled ot and found it was Sigur Ros....I have not been able to find that track on iTunes.

Thanks for recognising such a great artist!
Writer said…
Thanks for the link, Calientes. I will definitely add it.
Writer said…
Hey, SteveA. I have heard almost everything by Sigur Ros (unless there is more not available here in the states) - if you can send me the clip of CSI, I could probably find it for you.

A couple of songs (two of my favorite actually) appeared in Queer As Folk.

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