Monday Books

We may get our Silent Spring afterall. :(

They've made it again.
Which means the globe's still working, the Creation's
Still waking refreshed, our summer's
Still all to come -
~Ted Hughes, "Swifts"

I am a bit afraid of this book (and the American Insurgents book below). For starters, this particular book has a very long quote from Ronald Reagan at the head of chapter 2. However, my worry is calmed slightly by the blurbs on the back from Howard Dean and Chris Bohjalian.

As I said before, I fear this book a little - how long before it appears on the Glenn Beck show and is misread by every teabagger out there as an actual call to arms. But there are three blurbs on the back from three different Pulitzer Prize winning authors, so hopefully it will be seen as too intelligent for that particular group.


Steven Anthony said…
I read pride and was brilliant!
Writer said…
Good! I haven't read it yet, but I'm more likely to breeze through the graphic novel.

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