Tuesday Beau: Music I Know Nothing About

This is apparently Scott, half of the brother duo Frightened Rabbit - Grant plays drums.

And this is vocalist Anthony Green of Circa Survive.

I may hate both these bands, but a pretty face will insure that I'll attempt at least one listen.


SteveA said…
Hi - Frightened Rabbit are a good band. Love their music. I believe their Scottish - and I do love the Scots!
Writer said…
Thanks, SteveA. They are Scottish - if I remember my Wikipedia correctly.

I listened to Circa Survive this morning. Liked the music but then the everso cute lead singer started singing and I couldn't help but imagine Mike Tyson in his place. I couldn't make it through the first 30 seconds of the first song.
SteveA said…
OK I'll pass on Circa Survive - anyone who reminds you of Mike T can't be all that good!
Writer said…
Yeah, SteveA. I was completely shocked when he started singing.

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