A Brief Wednesday Book Review

Excellent collection of short pieces by different Native American authors and selected artists telling Trickster stories. My favorite was the first story in which Mother Earth tells the different animals to create their own portraits in the sky using shiny pebbles and how Coyote in an effort to have the best self-portrait messes up all the portraits. Also loved the story of how rabbit tricks two bison into a tug-of-war and then tricks them again into letting him drink from their waterhole afterwards. Liked some of the artists and storytellers better than some of the others, but overall very enjoyable.

So instead of quoting the writing, here are a couple of images from the first story (the one I mention above) called "Coyote and the Pebbles," story by Dayton Edmonds, art by Micah Farritor.


Kyle said…
I'm glad you reviewed this one JP, because when you put it up as a new arrival, it didn't really click what it was. Just added it to my wishlist. How can you beat a blending of Native American tales and such beautiful illustrated art?
Steven Anthony said…
what a reat find...looks like I would love it ;)
Writer said…
Kyle and Steven, I'm not particularly happy with the review of this one - very short, but I'm not as familiar with reviewing graphic novels. But I'm glad you liked.

One problem that I didn't mention is that after a while, I started to get bored, but this has to do with the length of any graphic novel, so is definitely my issue rather than the piece's issue.

I hope you both like.

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