A Few More for Thursday

For this face, I'd do anything.

Talking in Bed

Talking in bed ought to be easiest,
Lying together there goes back so far,
An emblem of two people being honest.

Yet more and more time passes silently.
Outside, the wind's incomplete unrest
Builds and disperses clouds about the sky,

And dark towns heap up on the horizon.
None of this cares for us. Nothing shows why
At this unique distance from isolation

It becomes still more difficult to find
Words at once true and kind,
Or not untrue and not unkind.
~Phillip Larkin

Welcome to the world of the deep -
where the strangest things are the people you meet.
~Hazel Barton, microbiologist and cave explorer

There is nothing more powerful
than this attraction towards an abyss.
~Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth

I wonder if there's a chapter on power bottoms.

There is nothing farther away from Washington than the entire world.
~Arthur Miller

ANNOUNCEMENT: If my blog is in your blog list and you've clicked over to see the pic of a hot couple fucking, never fear: that pic will actually appear tomorrow about 10:30 (my time). I futzted up and published the post then went back, deleted it and scheduled it for tomorrow. Sorry, I don't mean to be a tease. :)


Sean said…
I saw James on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and both he and the book seemed fascinating and worth a read.
Writer said…
Thanks for letting me know, Sean: I'll have to find the interview.

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