The Garden

Kyle, you showed me yours, so I thought I'd show you mine.

Definitely not as neat as yours, mind you.

The view of the garden from the sidewalk and cone flowers.

Next year I hope to plant some vegetables.

Mint planted by the sidewalk and shasta daisies.

The building manager has yet again this year planted tomatoes. They're all shagging like a lion's mane. He's also planted potatoes, which I don't know how they'll turn out given that the dirt is really shallow.

Only one of three lavenders planted last year came back, and the hydrangea.

My enemy once again this year is a Morning Glory vine that I've allowed to take over part of the garden. It's pretty, but it very easily overwhelms all the other plants.

The hydrangea blooms on the same plant came in a spectrum from pink to blue with all kinds of purple in between, and lilies of the valley transplanted from the other side of the drive.

I can't remember this plants name but it is meant to attract butterflies and bees (which I haven't seen many bees this year), and more mint planted at the corner of the building.

Another plant meant to attract butterflies and bees. The plant is a bushy, 6 feet tall this year, and some of the lillies we planted from pots that were kept at the back of the garden.

I think this is some sort of rose, and the morning glory covering the back quarter of the garden.

Flowering mint.


Steven Anthony said…
your garden is beautiful.....
Writer said…
Thank you, Steven. I wish I could take better care of it, but I only have so much time. :)
Kyle said…
Hey JP! If you were here you'd see how messy our garden actually is. I don't think a garden is supposed to be too neat, well unless you have a houseboy.;)

Beautiful lork! Love the Coneflower and Shasta daisies, have both at our place too. I have planted lavender twice and couldn't get it to come back. Don't really know what I did wrong. Love hydrangea, we have four kinds so far. They don't grow as quickly here as they do there. The bush meant to attract butterflies and bees looks like Butterfly Bush. Hard to tell there are lots of varieties and many things that look like them. The rose you have is what we call a Beach Rose. We have one in the yard in the side bed.
Writer said…
Meh, Kyle. I'd much rather be a houseboy than have one - they're so much upkeep. LOL

I'd love to be a gardener - maybe in my next incarnation after librarian, I'll be someone's gardener and live in the apartment over their garage. :)
JamTheCat said…
Lovely garden...but this is weird. My name's Kyle and when you talk to him I think you're talking to me even though I know I couldn't have said the things he's said to you or shown you the things he's shown.
Writer said…
Heh heh, I thought of that yesterday Jam Kyle. Both you and Out Left Kyle commented on something - maybe this post to be honest - and I replied to his comment simply saying "Kyle bladiby bladiby blah blah" and thought maybe JamtheCat Kyle thinks I'm talking to him??

So I guess I will now call you Thing One and Thing Two. Or something. :)
JamTheCat said…
Okay, so long as I'm Thing One. I have being #2. And besides -- I'm published. Nyah, nyah, nyah.

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