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If any of my adoring public has ever wanted to send me a gift, besides a mouth-shaped Fleshjack (the ice-white kind that I think are called Icejacks), this would be it. This beautiful book has some of the most beautiful images of book covers I've ever seen. I'll have to see if I can find any of the images online for a later post.

The green waves break from my sides
As I roll up, forced by my season
~Hugh Cook, "The Kraken Wakes"

A dream is not a very safe thing to be near, Bayard. I know;
I had one once. It's like a loaded pistol with a hair trigger: if
it stays alive long enough, somebody is going to be hurt. But
if it's a good dream, it's worth it.
~William Faulkner, "An Odor of Verbena"

He had no especial desire to meet or to know any of
these people; all he demanded was the right to look on
and conjecture, to watch the pageant...He was now
entirely rid of his nervous misgivings, of his forced
aggressiveness, of the imperative desire to show himself
different from his surroundings. He felt now that his
surroundings explained him. Nobody questioned the
purple; he had only to wear it passively. He had only to
glance down at his attire to reassure himself that here it
would be impossible for anyone to humiliate him.
~Will Cather, "Paul's Case," 1905

Through the infinite reaches of space, the problems of Man seem trivial and naïve indeed.
~Dr. Minton

I hate all Earthlings.
~James Dean


Steven Anthony said…
Freedom summer....I must read.
Writer said…
Yes, but I also want to read Sacco and Vanzetti by the same author!
Wonder Man said…
Go, Mutants looks fun
Writer said…
Wonder Man - it is supposed to be about what life would be like if the 50s B-films were real! I love those movies!
Kyle said…
The Art of American Bookcovers is in my wishlist at Amazon, but the used copies are twice the price of new. I can wait.

Saw "Go, Mutants!" advertised at the GLBTQ book club. Sounded very interesting.
Writer said…
The only bad thing about The Art of American Bookcovers is that I would then want to try and collect the actual bookcovers - I'm too poor for such a hobby. LOL!

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