Current Obsession: The Passage

Pic via National Post

I've been doggedly looking for a timeline for when the next series in the trilogy that began with The Passage and finally thought, "Hey! Let's check Wikipedia" where I found the above link and the following information (also from National Post):
[Cronin is] hard at work on the next instalment in the trilogy. The Twelve is due in 2012, while the concluding novel, The City of Mirrors, will hit stores in 2014.

Also Ridley Scott's production company bought the movie rights to the first book! Yes! Exactly what this book needs: an intelligent director with a sense of style who isn't SO popular that the movie will degrade into a simple gore-fest!


Steven Anthony said…
did i tell you i picked this one up? i havent started it yet...
Writer said…
I practically tackled a woman who was reading The Passage while she and her boyfriend ate at Joe's last night. It was quite funny because I typically try to keep from talking as much as possible while waiting tables.

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