Saturday and Insects

It's amazing how something can happen and suddenly something that you didn't even realize was making so much noise inside of you turns off, and you are left with this quiet place emanating from within. It becomes easier to be kinder to people; though it leaves you with the desire to throw down with those who are not kind. However, holding your tongue is easier too.

Saturday was the quietest day. Even with music playing from my iPod, it was as though there was simply a part of me that sound could not reach, and eventually I turned off music all together. It was a windy day and I listened to the wind.

As I was walking past the Gray building the wind picked up. And I saw above me a butterfly flying in place, struggling against the wind, and as silly as it may be, I lifted my hand up to the flyer, willing it to land. It did land but on a leaf of an ivy plant and then crawled up onto my hand. I walked it about a block until it took off again.

Sort of the same thing happened that night but with a cicada. I was walking home from work and I saw a cicada on the sidewalk. I picked it up to protect it from the Sex And The City clones clomping towards it. It seemed really weak - when I tried to put it on a tree branch it immediately fell off, but the entire time I carried it, it crawled from hand to hand as though it wanted to escape or just get higher on the tree that was me. I placed it under a plant beside my house and left it there. Once again silly as it may be I said to it, "It's okay. It's safe to let go." And in the morning, it had - its white belly facing the sky.

On Facebook, as many of you know, there is a line where you can type your religious views. Mine is a quote or a book title, I can't remember: When God is gone, everything is holy. Slightly scandalous - this being Kentucky and a large group of my friends on Facebook being Tea Party/Conservative people I once knew in high school. (I know. I don't get it. I'm hoping they'll eventually get tired of my pinko-commi-fag ways and delete me. LOL!) Rob's religious views: be good to yourself and others.


Steven Anthony said…
your heart is so big, so sweet, so pure.....hugs
That was nice post, very symbolic of all things that are impermanent.
Writer said…
It's moments like these that remind me, Steven. Hugs back to ya. :)
Writer said…
No, Virginia. Even after we are all gone there will be (at least for next 5 million years - cross your fingers) butterflies flying against the wind and cicadas filling the night.
The Breeder said…
This was a lovely entry. Thank you.
Schweigsame said…
Thank you for sharing such a deeply personal experience. Saying it was a "beautiful" experience seems very cheap and California-ish. But it was obviously real, deep, and luminous.

Hold the memory of it in your special Precious Place and I predict there will be more such moments.

Your facebook line is exactly right. And really knowing that is what allowed this beautiful experience.
Writer said…
Thank you, Breeder. I'm glad you liked.
Writer said…
Schweigsame, thank you and you're welcome. I will remember it. I've been surrounded by butterflies as of late. :)
Kyle said…
JP, beautiful, simple reflections.

As always, the well of your soul is filled to the brim JP. Maybe they were drawn to you because they sensed you needed the wonder and perspective they could offer. Maybe they really needed you. Things don't just happen, opportunities don't just come to you, you look for them, reach for them. It is one of the hardest lessons about being alive. Too many people are afraid to take a chance or be different.
Writer said…
Thank you, Kyle. The universe opens up to you whenever you really need it to. :)

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