What We Don't See Will Kill Us

From Crooks and Liars: EPA Whistleblower Hugh Kaufman: We've Now Poisoned Thousands of Square Miles of the Gulf

KAUFMAN: Well, first of all, the dispersants mixed with the oil and the water is extremely toxic. Sweden has done studies on this. Israel has done studies on this.

And the only real purpose of using so many dispersants with the oil was to cover up the volume of oil that was released from that well. So, that and lying about how much is coming out was a mechanism to help BP save billions of dollars in fines.

O‘DONNELL: Should they have not used dispersants at all?

KAUFMAN: That‘s correct. If they did not use dispersants, they would have been able to get most of that oil off of the surface and would not have endangered all of the fish and ecosystem underneath the water that now will be affected for decades on down the line.

I was listening to some of the, quote, “experts” who are being paid by BP at universities who are saying that the oil has disappeared. It hasn‘t disappeared. It‘s throughout thousands of square miles in the Gulf, mixed with dispersants, and because the temperatures down there are so cold, they‘re going to be around for decades.

I typically do not post stories about the environment: the oil spill, climate change, animal extinction (have you read about the phytoplankton - a.k.a. the basis of the oceanic food chain) - if you want to piss me off or see me all sullen and angry and red about the gills - give me a story about how we've destroyed some ecosystem or some animal, and I'll be good to go for probably the rest of the week. Then tell me that it was totally preventable or that some idiot Christianist thinks that this will be the pebble that snowballs into the coming of Christ, and I'm down right murderous.

And then I saw this story, and thought I'd really like to share the love. Now...I don't blame Obama solely for this (at least not yet) - I know he has a lot on his plate, but I am seeing that, yes, though I'm happy he was elected, he doesn't have the follow-through or character to get anything done. Or maybe the crazy GOP/Tea Partiers have taken us to far into crazy for anything to be done.


Kyle said…
You know I'm right there with you in the anger dept on this one JP.

Obama does have more on his plate than most presidents do. He may be tied down by the fringe on either side, his cabinet(many of which are beholden to other interests),outside interests, or it could be that he doesn't have the will to do something broader. I'd like to think he is simply biding his time(until after mid terms). That could prove to be disastrous if all does not go according to progressive plans. We'll see.

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