I Want to be in his Stud File

Born in 1909 in Ohio to a Methodist family (his mother died young, his father fell into opium addiction), Steward realized early on that he liked books and boys and was determined to act on both passions. By his mid-20s he had sexually serviced Rudolph Valentino and become an intimate of Gertrude Stein. Visiting Europe and hoping to feel one step closer (figuratively) to Oscar Wilde, he seduces 67-year-old Lord Alfred Douglas. From London, he hops a boat train over to Paris to meet André Gide, then moves on to Zurich, where he falls under the sway and, at least once, into the bed of Thornton Wilder. Shortly after that, when he strikes up a friendship with Thomas Mann, I found myself fleeing to the Internet, wondering if perhaps this was all an elaborate literary hoax with Steward a kind of priapic Zelig as re­imagined by Jean Genet.

Via NYT: I Get Around

However, I am very happy to part of the Modern Day Steward's Stud File!


Schweigsame said…
I just flat out, purely, jealous of the guy. And delighted beyond words to know his biography has been written and I haven't yet read it.

But, more to the point, Writer, start your own stud file and diary. That way I know I have somethign to read in the future.

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