The Moomins and Björk

Anyone who gets to know me knows that I am kerazy about Moomintrolls and their creator Tove Jansson! And now a video has been released (actual video or fan made video) for Björk's new song "The Comet Chase Song" starring the Moomins. The images I believe come from the TV series and this particular episode is based on the second Moomintroll book, Comet in Moominland, in which a comet is headed for Moomin Valley.

The song was released today on iTunes, and all proceeds go to Pakistan.

More on the song at omgblog!


SteveA said…
Hi ya - pardon my ignorance - but I've never heard of the moomins - Bjork - of course yes!

It;s different - but wierd! Love it!
Writer said…
I've yet to be able to hear the actual song, but I know that Bjork has been getting stranger and stranger.

The Moomin books is a series of childrens books by Tove Jansson - a Finnish (or Swedish?) author who is also a lesbian. They were and still are some of my favorite books to read. The Moomintroll is the Finnish version of Mickey Mouse with his own theme park, TV show (from which the images of the Bjork video come from), cartoon series, and collectibles.

Everyone should give the books a try. :)
Kyle said…
As much as I love her, I have to limit my intake of Bjork now. Most of her current work makes me feel too sad to listen to it regularly.
Writer said…
I haven't been able to listen to anything since the single to Oceania (is that right?) - she's gotten too scattered sort of like Tori Amos after she broke up with her producer/lover. There is something good to be said for having an editor.

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