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Do you imagine you’ll ever perform again?
If the offer’s there. I know there are other porn models who are HIV-positive. The difference with me is I feel I’ve become kind of the face of HIV in the porn world for this moment in time. Now I feel like my name, my face, and my body will be associated with that, but I don’t know how it would affect sales. It’s all up to the studios and what they think and, I mean, as long as my scene partners know my status and hopefully are positive themselves. Condom porn, I would go for it.

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I definitely am going to by his movies. Good luck, Mason.


Kyle said…
Well, I hope a change in HIV status doesn't stop Mason JP, that would be a waste. People really need to grow up.
Writer said…
I agree, Kyle. There was briefly an HIV+ porn star in the 90s, who performed in regular condomed porn - I think he may have done a couple of films. I thought he was really hot, though I can't remember his name.

As for personally, it is the stigma of HIV that I attribute to my horrible batting average at the moment - though, don't get me wrong, I've met some hot HIV+ guys, as well.

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