Woodland Art Fair

This past weekend was the Woodland Art Fair just up the street from where I live. I haven't been able to go for work or other reasons in about ten years, and now armed with a digital camera, I decided to play tourist and go. I walked up to Woodland Triangle and first had brunch at Ramseys. I had fried chicken with white gravy, mashed potatoes with brown gravy and fried okra. I then walked across the street to the newly re-opened Miller Fine Art and got to look at some real-live Henry Faulkners - not only one of my favorite Kentucky (and gay) painters but one of my favorite painters of all.

I then walked down the block to the Art Fair proper. There were tents everywhere. The entire field next to Woodland Christian Church was packed, but I immediately crossed the street for the park. Which I've never seen so full of people, food and things.

Granted, I was stuffed so I did not partake of the gelato or the baklava or the Greek spinach pie or the funnel cakes, but everything smelled so good.

I walk past this park sometimes daily, but I've never noticed how big it was until it was stuffed with people and tents. This German poem is part of the bench shaped liked a leaf seen below.

Woodland Park also has its own community garden and a swimming pool complete with pirate ship. I haven't been swimming in forever. And since I couldn't afford to buy anything at the art fair, I took pictures of the pretty.

The top two pictures are of the same tree - Woodland is full of huge, old growth trees, and we're very protective of them. You do not mess with the trees!

The bottom two pictures are of two friends I ran into who were kind enough to let me take their pictures: Crystal and Cabana.

The skate park followed by more pretty (if Bela Lugosi can be considered pretty) followed by the playground.

Woodworking tools, some very simply designed paintings, a strange sculptur/playground plaything - I see children try to play on this thing, but not for long. And one of the best things about the park - the swings!

If I could've bought anything at the fair it would have been this little wooden clock with the owl. Love owls! The area covered by the red, yellow and blue tarps was another beer garden.

A lot of the vendors were parked in the Woodland Park baseball field which in times past was actually a lake. And I don't know what kind of tree this is on the left but its downward shade creates a hollow closer to the trunk in which sometimes you can find bums drinking or kids smoking.

The top two pics are of another tree. This one looks as though there is a different kind of tree growing in it, and a detail of the tree (on right) shoes yet another something growing as well. And though a field of parked cars may seem boring, I wanted you to see all the trees, trees, trees.

The marching band is Lexington's March Madness Marching Band ...

...of which, the above hottie trombonist in a yellow skirt is a member...I'm sorry the picture is so blurry - he was really cute, but my digital camera is not conducive to taking pics of hot guys on the sly.

But there was plenty of stuff and a few people (like the above belly dancers) who were willing to stand still long enough for me to snap a shot.

I and this very nice banjo player talked some about the prices of used banjos ($600 for a nice, used one) and I tried to introduce him to the joys of Sufjan Stevens.

The bottom two shots were from yard sales across the street from the actual fair. All up and down and around Woodland Park there were all kinds of yard sales and not just students selling their cassettes and videos and posters they didn't want anymore.

Which is how I got this two little prints, well matted and well framed and waiting for me to hang up somewhere in my apartment. I wish I could have spent more money (the two prints were $16 all together) and bought myself nice things, or at least have had the time to stay and watch the marching band or the belly dancers, but, alas, I had to go home and get ready for work, but it was still a wonderful time, and I look forward to next year for the next fair.


Steven Anthony said…
what a wonderful day....so many beautiful things. And I adore the prints you got...very nice.

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style
Writer said…
Thanks, Steven. I can't wait to hang them up. I know where I want to, but just haven't done it yet. :)
SteveA said…
I love stuff like that! It's so cool!
Writer said…
I do too, SteveA, but I so rarely get to go. :)

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