I Hate Not Blogging!

So...I'm back. I couldn't stay away. I like doing this way too much. LOL

As for my week, it went in the shit can, but then got amazingly better, amazingly quick. Wednesday night I finally opened a letter from my bank that I'd left lying around thinking it was just another notice that my account was overdrawn. No big news there - it typically stays overdrawn but I have this $700 overdraft protection thing that allows me to pay bills and not have to worry too much about it.

However, this letter was to tell me that the overdraft protection was being taken away because my account stays overdrawn - thanks for overlooking the fact that almost $700 goes into the account ever payday, Mr. Bank. So that was a rough night - made rougher by too much vodka - thank you for talking to me, Steven!

The next day I went to the bank and the branch manager Brandy (a very tall, lovely young lady who's helped me before) said she'd take care of it. She's even the bank officer in charge of my account now. Lovely, lovely person! I even like the fact that she calls me Jonathan. LOL.

And then last night, though I had my ass handed to me, I made $200 in tips at the server job. I've never made so much!

And then today my will to blog was too strong, so I offer you this short tale of my week and the above cover of Christopher Isherwood's book The Berlin Stories. We just got a replacement copy here at the library.

WEG is starting this week. Which is exciting, however, I'll probably miss most of the events. There is a horse parade this Sunday, but I'll of course be slinging pizza. I'd love to see some dressage but I should be able to check some of the free concerts downtown.

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments this week. The blog might limp along for a bit, but I'm back!


Steven Anthony said…
I always love or talks:) Im glad your back .
Writer said…
I hope to be back on daily consistency: not blogging felt like I was cut off from my friends.


Hey JP!

Sorry to hear you had a bit of a rough week. Stay strong and remember that you are... liberal, intelligent, passionate, sensitive, queer, activist-somewhat, music lover, dancer, frustrated, handsome, beautiful, sexy, libra, aggravated, aggravating, reactionary, reader, dreamer, perverted, witty, quiet, depressed, Myers-Briggs: INFJ, The Protector.

Also that you have a new friend in ME (get it? LOL), Jonathan, and that I am always available if you want to talk. We have a lot more in common than you know!

MAC said…
I was so sad to hear you were taking a break. Well, now I'm glad you're back. Isn't amazing what a few days make.
Schweigsame said…
I'm so happy you're back, and are managing to hang in with everything else that's going on in your life. It's not easy. Congratulations for being nimble enough (and caring enough) to make the extra effort.
Writer said…
Thank you, Dark River, and welcome! :)
Writer said…
MAC, sometimes a few days make all the difference. Hopefully soon I'll be blogging regularly. :)
Writer said…
Schweigsame, you're welcome and thank you to all my blogging friends who are sending warm wishes and thoughts. It may not be my favorite Kate Bush song - but lately I've tried to keep Rubberband Girl stuck in my head. LOL
Kyle said…
JP, glad to hear things took a turn for the better! Sometimes getting a little breathing space is all you need.
Writer said…
Kyle, breathing room comes and goes this week. After struggling the past two nights to make enough to finish paying my past due rent, everything seemed fine until I learned from my bank today that after asking my school loan payments to be taken directly from my bank account back in July, the school loan company finally decided to do that today! It was a mess - there was yelling and tears but finally the loan peeps helped me. I borrowed a little money from a friend (which I absolutely hate to do) and now I'm keeping all ten fingers and toes crossed, hoping that my rent check will go through. Yeesh! I hate roller coasters.
Dean Grey said…
I'm glad things are getting better for you this week, JP, and that you're back to blogging!


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